White Christmas

Before heading to the States I made a quick trip to Galeries Lafayette to check out their Christmas tree. It is under their glass dome and is different each year.

img_2650 What you see as you enter the store in the perfume and cosmetic section.

img_2651 The other side. It was made of thick white paper by the way, as was the ferris wheel.

img_2654 Close up.

img_2657 The top from the fourth floor.

img_2656 I went to the fifth floor hoping to see everything from above and found the other side of the dome.

img_2658 So I went back to the fourth floor for this view below.

img_2660 The windows with viewing areas for children. It was polar bears also made of white paper.

img_2666 I took a bus over to Bon Marche just for this shot. They were doing a Christmas with snow theme.

img_2664 I liked their windows better last year. They had snow balls doing various things.

Merry Christmas!

We are in the States catching up with friends and family. We started out in New York City which I always enjoy. A cold front arrived with the high being 17 degrees one day while we were there which kept us from doing as much as we wanted but we still had fun.


We saw a few lovely Christmas doors but not as many as I had hoped.

image We saw the Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center along with a whole lot of other people.


The decorations at Saks were fabulous. They had a flashing light show to go with whatever Christmas music was playing.


Another great window at Saks.


One of the festive lions in front of the New York Public library.


Always exciting to see the Empire State Building especially when it has some Christmas green lighting it up.

A Merry Christmas to all who come here. It is much appreciated!

A Merry Little Christmas

During the winter months this cheese, Mont d’Or arrives. It is made from the cows (both in Switzerland and France) that produce the very good, and hard, Compte cheese but once they are brought down from the summer pastures their diet changes, milk production slows down and this cheese is made. It is made in rounds and smushed into a round cedar box which gives another layer of flavour. You can cut it out in wedges to eat and it tastes fine this way, sort of like a brie, but the best way is to put slivers of garlic into the cheese, add a little white wine and then wrap the box in foil and bake it until the cheese is soft and bubbly.

Until it looks like this.

And then, like other dishes made in the alps, you can serve it with potatoes and ham or dip bread into it like fondue. It’s very tasty. It’s very rich, as you might imagine, and no dinner is required after having this for lunch.

I would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas. I so appreciate each of you who bothers to visit my blog. It has been such a blessing.

That Time of Year

We have passed the shortest day of the year and are heading towards Christmas (and then a new year!). Here are a few photos taken this last week.

I’m one of those people who wake up early. Sometimes I can make it until 8 AM but 6 or 7 are more common. I am often helped with my early rising by the “alarm clock” of the toddler upstairs running down the hall to, I’m guessing, wake up his parents. Our apartments are not very sound proof. Anyway, one morning I got up and looked out the kitchen window and saw that two other people were up early too.

This time of year these little cakes appear, bûche de Noël, little “logs” symbolising the real yule logs burned on the shortest day-at least in the past-of the year to bring good luck (and probably a little thanks that the days would start getting longer).

Roses for sale at a market.

It’s very common at markets to see these giant squash for sale. I often buy a wedge and make soup with it.

There is a covered market at the Aligre market that I like. It was the first market I went to with Maurice after we moved here. It is open every day but Monday.

Countdown to Christmas

A few more Christmas photos from Paris as Christmas approaches.

The stunning entrance to the Relais Christine.

With a pretty wreath there hanging outside.

A Santa wearing white instead of the usual Coke red outfit.

A simple silver star in the glass.

Some Christmas decorations seen through a hotel window.

Don’t these look like angels? It was dark outside and the lights in the store were off but they had lit up the interior of these dresses. I loved it.

A Bowl of Christmas

I was in a store the other day which had really lovely decorations for sale.

I love things like this-really elegant and beautiful. I didn’t buy anything. In fact, unless Maurice suggests it, I probably won’t even get a tree. I did put out some candles though.

Another bowl of pretty ornaments.

You can put ornaments in a glass vase too-pretty.

In a nearby boulangerie, the first one owned by Polaine in fact, was decorated bread.

Isn’t this bread great? I love to see creativity.