Paris Photos

Again, another mix of photos around Paris:

I like this light fixture seen in the window of a cafe.

I went to the Cognac-Jay Museum to see paintings done of Venice about the Carnaval through the ages. I didn’t get any photos of the art. It was interesting but the museum is so small and clogged with people that I didn’t enjoy myself. The explanations were put below the paintings requiring you to bend over to read them and when you did you automatically blocked the way of people trying to pass. As I left there was a long line waiting to get in and I was glad I got out before they all tried to move through the museum.

The beautiful glass dome in Galeries Lafayette. I went there to look at shoes but it was so crowded (I think there’s a theme going here. I do hate crowds.) and there were so many shoes to look at-it’s a huge department covering a whole floor- that I left without buying any, and I really do need some. I lost some weight after having my gall bladder out and, unfortunately, when I lose weight I also lose it in my feet and just about walk out of my shoes.

The clock tower at Gare de Lyon taken from the bus I was on as we passed.

A statue of Joan of Arc, a strong woman, in the church of St Eustache.


Maurice and I decided to do something special for our 14th wedding anniversary and, since the city of Bordeaux is nearby and we have never been there, we decided to spend a couple of days there. It turned out to be a fabulous city, really beautiful with ancient architecture but modern art sculpture here and there and a very nice tramway.

Our hotel was in the old section of Bordeaux, very near this beautiful opera house.

And there were beautiful windows everywhere.

I have had canelés before but didn’t know they were a speciality of Bordeaux.

Don’t they look good? They taste like a baked, chewy custard, vanilla flavored.

Little known fact: the Spanish artist Goya painted here for many years and died here as well. A statue to remember him.

Bordeaux was once a walled city and this delightful clock tower still stands. They ring it on the first day that the grape harvest starts and on November 1st.

The remains of an ancient Roman coliseum. The Romans were here too.

An amazing sculpture done by a woman artist-I think her name was Sanna. It’s made of metal, huge, sort of flat and, although there are features on the metal like the nose and mouth, it has more to it and looked like a photograph in many ways. Just incredible.