Views and Paintings

It’s hard to beat a stroll through the Orsay Museum, once a train station that they had to foresight to preserve and use.

A look down at the main gallery from up above. You can see that it was once a train station.

You can see Sacre Coeur on top of Montmartre from various windows.

I love the color of the dresses on these dancer by Degas.

Lots of sculptures to see.

That beautiful clock.


The Orsay

One of my favorite museums is the Orsay. I especially love Impressionism and you can find just about every famous artist represented here. Part of the art is the museum itself as it is an old renovated train station full of interesting details.

img_1793 At the opposite end of the entrance is this cutaway of the Garnier Opera House. It shows how small the concert hall is compared to the rest of the building. I’d love to get a behind the scenes tours there one of these days.

img_1799 There are two huge clocks showing the time from outside but you can also get this incredible look at it from behind along with a view of Paris outside.

img_1803 Happily, they allow photography inside once more. This is by Cezanne.

img_1805 Degas. It was considered very controversial when first exhibited.

img_1806 This was controversial too, I guess because it showed common workers without shirts working. I just love the light. Note the wine bottle next to the worker on the right.

img_1810 A look at the restaurant in the museum.