Sand, Sea and Sun

Meanwhile, back at our beach place after our visit to England, we’ve had some magnificent skies. None of these photos has been retouched. The colors are real.

Interesting clouds and a great blue sky.

A forbidding sky one morning but it never rained. The tide is out so that is what is left behind when the water recedes.

The same dark sky with the sun behind me shining on some beach vegetation.

A nice sunset. Hot weather was on the way and I think it shows in the sky.

This cloud caught my eye. I liked the pink but especially the markings-it looks like a fish or a snake.

I don’t think I’ve seen the water sparkling like this before.

Another giant jelly fish left behind by the receding tide. It looks like an alien a bit.

More in Provence

High in Haute Provence is a very beautiful canyon called the Gorge du Verdon. It’s worth a detour to get there and drive along the water far below.

A man made lake from up above.

A glimpse of the gorge.

A closer look from a bridge. You could rent paddle boats or kayaks to do a bit of exploring.

Maurice and four of the five grandkids did an excursion.

I always love the clouds in Provence. The winds do interesting things to their shapes.

Look at this dramatic cloud as the sun set.

And this! Totally real, no photoshop.

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