Paris can be very gray and you can go weeks without seeing even a hint of blue sky so when the sun breaks through the clouds, it’s a big deal. I went out this last Saturday to check out a Christmas Bazaar. It turned out to be less than exciting and I left after about five minutes. Since it wasn’t horribly cold I set out to walk a bit when the sun made an appearance.

Here it comes!

I was on Pont Alexander III, the most beautiful bridge in Paris.

The lights are especially lovely all lined up.

I walked on down to Place de la Concorde where the ferris wheel is set up for Christmas.

Backing up and taking the photo from another angle, you can see the blue sky. Such a gift.

Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde at the end of the Tuleries Garden is a huge area. If you cross it, the Champs Elysees starts and continues on to the Arch de Triumph-a long walk.

One of the very ornate light posts there.

The Egyptian Obelisk, the oldest object in Paris. It was a gift from Egypt after a Frenchman was the one to discover the meaning of the Rosetta stone so Egyptian hieroglyphics could be interpreted. Or maybe it was just one of many art object Napoleon brought from Egypt. I also heard that Josephine said to Napoleon before he left for Egypt to bring her a “little” obelisk from there and that this was what was the result. It was, as you might imagine, a huge undertaking to get it down the Nile River and up the Seine to Paris and then to put it in place.

This fountain looks much better when it is running in the summer.

This photo give you an idea of the size of Place de la Concorde. That’s la Madeleine in the very back.