More fabulous costumes seen on Sunday-just me, the costumed participants and hundreds of photographers

Especially lovely I thought.

I liked the colors.

I liked the gondolas in the background.

There’s a pose for you! I don’t know how you can look sexy in a mask but she did.

A little bit of a sunrise color in the sky. You can’t tell which nationality is under those masks. I’ve heard French,German and English. This lady could have been Japanese or Chinese as after I took her photo she gave me a little head bow.

Killer background.


Carnivale is an exciting time anywhere but it is really special in Venice. Many people dress in costumes even if it’s just a cape and a simple mask but I’m always on the lookout for the more professional ones and they are usually found on San Marc square. I hate crowds and it can get really packed there so I set off very early both Saturday and Sunday morning before the festivities ended to see what I could find. There were indeed many great costumes and I had to fight my way through and around photographers with big cameras and long lenses to get my shots.

The first lady I came to was standing in this splendid location with the perfect background. Note that the building on top of her hat matches the building in the distance. Salute, I think.

Flamboyant and over the top rather like Liberace if anyone remembers him.

They really know how to make dramatic poses.

She looked pretty in the sun.

This lady had a costume made of what looked to be canvas bags for coffee beans. Good pose.

Very elegant and sophisticated. There was one guy wearing a rather strange costume with opera music playing from underneath his costume.

The same lady as at the beginning who moved in front of these doors. I like this pose and look how tiny her waist looks!


During the carnavale season here in Venice, which lasts a month, there is much to see and do. One day there was a parade having something to do with ten virgins. There were ten pretty women dressed in ancient Italian fashion carried aloft by men, bands, period costumes and teams of people with flags doing precision drills. I have seen this a couple of times in the States at football games. I wonder where the custom started?

As you can see, there had been rain but it stopped before the parade. I liked these colorful flags being flung about in unison.

A video I took of an incredible flag throwing/catching performance

I loved this little cutie interested in throwing confetti at the parade.

This was the style seen in the parade, sort of royal renaissance.

The sun sort of peeked through as we headed home.

This and That in Venice

Here are a few more photos from our fabulous week in Venice. We had such a great, relaxing time.

Huge, gorgeous painting by Titan of the assumption of Mary in the Frari Church. There was another one there by him too.

These were for sale in an interesting shop. They were used to show perspective buyers a dress in a miniature size. They were called “French Puppets”.

A dog dressed up for Carnival.

A very loud party was going on behind our apartment in a lighted courtyard. If you look closely you will see a guy on stilts outside the door. He was checking invitations-so I wasn’t able to sneak in and get a look.

The gorgeous ceiling of the Academia Museum.

A statue being renovated in a museum. I’m glad they let us watch.

An old painting showing Carnival in times past. You can see a really elaborate boat for royalty and people dressed in costume. I love seeing things like this showing life as it once was.

Just an iconic look at another canal and bridge in a part of Venice not visited much.

Venice Carnival

I’ve wanted to see the Carnival in Venice for years and we finally decided to go finding an apartment to rent for a week. It was wonderful and I have so many photos to share. I’ll start with some of the costumes we saw. I was so excited when I first saw someone in costume on the vaporetto and then it got to be a daily occurrence. Costumed people were everywhere standing around letting people take their photos. I guess it must be some kind of hobby, spending weeks or months creating a costume, then walking around Venice giving people photo ops. Most of them wore those white masks which is kind of spooky, sort of robot like, with no emotions showing. Sometimes you could hear them talking behind them, one lady being French, said she always smiled when her photo was being taken even though it didn’t show. Of course, wearing masks used to be a reason to misbehave before Lent. The rich would mingle with the poor and do things incognito they didn’t do in their normal lives, sort of like some people on the Internet saying horrible things because they can hide their identities.

Some were very dramatic.

It’s nice to have a view of the Grand Canal in the background.

These two were different, maybe Italian clowns?

A tear drop.

I thought this one was cute.

Another good background.

Great detail in this costume.

Did a bit of work on this photo with Superphoto app.




I loved the colors and designs on the head dress of this costume.

Halloween in Austin

It’s always fun to go out with children at Halloween and I enjoyed going out with some of my grandchildren for trick or treat. I’m not sure which neighborhood we were in but they sure had it decorated. Maurice went as a French tourist and I went as the Frenchwoman who got fat-get it? There were so many cute costumes and I saw a six foot Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with a beard and a little Darth Vader with a sound system under his costume looping the Darth Vader entrance song.

We started at a party which had these little ghosts made of bananas and chocolate chips.

And this skeleton made of veggies. So creative.

Grandsons in their homemade costumes.

On the way to trick or treat. My grandson in his robot costume got all sorts of comments and people taking his photo. He was a rock star.

A little blurry photo of one of the homes on the street.

Some houses had fog machines.

Grave yards too.

A video of the activites.