Various Christmas things around Paris:

Pere Noel, or Santa Claus,

A Christmas cake, rather over the top.

I like to drink Christmas tea all year long.

This looked good-matcha flavoured.

A cozy corner in a tea place.


Here and There

Some photos taken around Paris:

Signs of Christmas are starting early around Paris.

Isn’t this cute? I love those reindeer.

Cour de Saint André des Arts, an ancient street with a lot of history having to do with the Revolution.

An entry into a little place serving seafood. I’ve never eaten there-maybe one day.

A decorated bike out on a side walk for a business.

In the Louvre

After I saw the current Vermeer exhibit in the Louvre Museum, I walked around a bit in areas I usually don’t visit (Mona Lisa for instance). The Louvre is vast and full of only some of its treasures.

Joan of Arc hearing the voices that lead her to don armor and lead men into battle.

Next I wandered into the Napoleon III apartments. It was very luxurious. This light fixture was at the top of some stairs.

There was gilding on just about every ceiling and many chandeliers.

More gilding, lots of royal red.

Dining room. Not very intimate. I’m sure they had a smaller one for just family.

There are many great views as you walk around the Louvre. This was from the second floor. In the summer you can eat out on that terrace.

White Christmas

Before heading to the States I made a quick trip to Galeries Lafayette to check out their Christmas tree. It is under their glass dome and is different each year.

img_2650 What you see as you enter the store in the perfume and cosmetic section.

img_2651 The other side. It was made of thick white paper by the way, as was the ferris wheel.

img_2654 Close up.

img_2657 The top from the fourth floor.

img_2656 I went to the fifth floor hoping to see everything from above and found the other side of the dome.

img_2658 So I went back to the fourth floor for this view below.

img_2660 The windows with viewing areas for children. It was polar bears also made of white paper.

img_2666 I took a bus over to Bon Marche just for this shot. They were doing a Christmas with snow theme.

img_2664 I liked their windows better last year. They had snow balls doing various things.

Merry Christmas!

We are in the States catching up with friends and family. We started out in New York City which I always enjoy. A cold front arrived with the high being 17 degrees one day while we were there which kept us from doing as much as we wanted but we still had fun.


We saw a few lovely Christmas doors but not as many as I had hoped.

image We saw the Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center along with a whole lot of other people.


The decorations at Saks were fabulous. They had a flashing light show to go with whatever Christmas music was playing.


Another great window at Saks.


One of the festive lions in front of the New York Public library.


Always exciting to see the Empire State Building especially when it has some Christmas green lighting it up.

A Merry Christmas to all who come here. It is much appreciated!

This and That in Alsace

I took a lot of photos while in Alsace so, since I have them, I will share some. Alsace is very photogenic.

img_2540 Almost every building in the villages we visited were decorated for Christmas. We did the southern half of what they call the Alasian Wine Trail and each place was special. We were there a week before all of the Christmas markets officially opened and there were still many tourists.

img_2565 I guess this is sort of a rood screen. I thought it was very unusual, unlike many churches. The church was in Kayserville.

img_2567 Alsatian costumes. I saw these models everywhere. The women used to wear a sort of giant black bow on their heads. I never did see one in person.

img_2570 Another Christmas decoration. December 6th, Saint Nicolas Day, is huge in Alsace, which is what this figure represents. Gifts are given then and there are processions. I wish we could have seen it.

img_2574 Just loved the architecture. Where are Hansel and Gretel?

img_2581I liked the clock and the little tower.

img_2584 They are not afraid to use color in Alsace.

img_2586 There is a huge musical tradition in the village of Ribeauville and a famous festival every September.

img_2585 A free book exchange. I loved this display.