Desert Beauty

Because I grew up in the southwest I don’t generally like the vegetation and desert but in the Spring, there is a lot of beauty to see and I appreciate it. Plus, the temperatures are in the 80’s while it is rainy and cold back in Paris.

The Polo Verde are very impressive in the Spring.

The palm trees against the morning sky are pleasing.

My son came for a quick visit while I was here and we went to a movie. They are making theatres very fancy now with reclining seats, reserved seats and you can take wine or beer in to the movie. Afterwards we went out to the terrace there at the movie theatre and had drinks. We saw the movie, Colassal, by the way, which was very strange while being interesting and good at the same time. We got the lasts seats and had to sit in the front row which made me dizzy a couple of times.

Back to Paris on Saturday.

Desert in Bloom

 I am in Arizona visiting my mother and there are trees and bushes and cacti in bloom all over the place.

In the yard of my mother’s neighbor. When my Dad was in the last stages of his Parkinson’s and disoriented, he got the neighbor’s garbage bin mixed up with theirs and to this day it bothers my Mom as it is smaller and stained with paint. No one would do anything about it so when it got dark, I went over and switched them. There are just renters in the place so I doubt they will notice or care like my Mother does. We will see.

These bloomed only for one day.

The cacti flowers come in yellow too.

You can see the buds on the saguaro cactus but I will miss seeing the blooms. You can also see a little hole where cactus wrens often build nests.


We are back in Arizona with mostly blue skies and sunshine. The other day we made a trip out to nearby Carefree where my parents used to live.

There is an area there full of giant boulders. There is, in fact, a resort there called The Boulders. It’s such an unexpected thing to come upon in the desert.

Seen in the garden in the city center. The ends of the cacti are covered with plastic cups to protect the plants as it got below freezing for two nights.

Giant sundial.

An unusual cactus. I’m not sure if it is a native plant or not.

We went into an old time bar called The Horny Toad for a drink while there. I liked the wooden floor.


We made a quick trip to Arizona to see my mother. I couldn’t find any cacti blooming-I guess that happens in the Spring-but I like looking around and I like the high palm trees there too.

Palm trees high over head.

There are often great sunsets in the desert.

Ouchie. Nature’s protection.

Desert Light

I spent over three hours at a dentist today. Good times. So, I am just going to post two photos taken this morning before I went. Hard to beat morning light.

A flower seen on a bush around here. I used to know what it was called.

Another cactus flower but with the sun at that great autumn slant.