While in Texas, I had a wonderful dinner at the home of the mother in law of my son. She is a fabulous cook and always prepares meals you think of months later. Our meal was no exception.

The table was beautifully set in an Autumn theme.

There were flowers, of course.

This was a thick pork chop topped with a crushed pretzel topping. So yummy.

She has the sister of this dog belonging to my son, and another one to boot.


It has been really hot in France the last couple of days-95 degrees-too hot to be out except in the early morning. One night I slept with the ceiling fan on along with a floor fan. I hate it when the sheets are hot. We don’t have air conditioning here. We usually don’t need it. We just open windows on either side of our apartment, turn on the ceiling fans and we are comfortable. With the heat came a strange invasion of flying bugs, mostly gnat sized. They were all over my floor so I vacuumed them up and by the afternoon my floor looked the same as it had earlier. There was also a ton of lady bugs flying in the air, landing on our windows and terrace. I don’t know if it was the heat that caused this or if it was one of those mating things. Well,  I survived and the temperature dropped ten degrees  and I have some photos, not of bugs, but around our village.

There are lots of walls and doors along the beach for, I’m sure, privacy. I always take a look when a door happens to be open. This looks like a neat yard.

Not the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. I saw this same dog last year. It looks over the fence, not barking, not interested in people. I think it’s looking for other dogs. It looks like it is getting gray.

The markets here have lots of fresh food like this mountain of green beans. I always think it’s nice to see them this way instead of wrapped in plastic..

An unusual sunset the other night. I try to look at each one every evening.

Beach Living

This and that on the beach.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (2)
Probably a weed but I will call it beach flowers.

I don’t think this dog was particularly friendly but was looking for other dogs. At least he didn’t bark.

Another great sunset.

I love sand made smooth by the wind and beach fences.

A hollyhock against the blue sky. We have had a run of windy, gray days so this was a pleasure.

I’m not sure if the rest of this area has this type of architecture but I sure do like it. There are many similar in our village with a steepled roof, lacy decorations and the pointed feature at the top.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (640x514)
This lady laid out in the sun for at least four hours. I’m amazed by people who can do this. After a really horrible sun burn in college I learned I don’t have the skin to do this. It seems like I should be a person who hates the beach. I don’t like to be in the sun for long periods, I spend a fortune on sun screen, I won’t get in the water after seeing jelly fish the size of hubcaps on the beach, I don’t like wind of which there is a lot if you live by the ocean, I don’t like sand in my shoes-the feel of it or when it is tracked into our place-and yet I love it here watching the tides come and go, the blue skies and clouds and sunsets, the people watching, walks with interesting things to see-I love these. I pushed Maurice to get a place on a beach. It’s been mostly fun.

This and That

A mix of photos from the last few days:

The Moose has been around for years. As you can see, it’s a good place to go to watch sports. I’ve never been inside, to tell the truth.

Some nicely padded chairs outside a restaurant called Schmuck which, I believe, means snack or something similar, not a word to call someone you don’t like.

A famous, and very expensive, hat shop where hats are made by hand.

This statue was in the Luxembourg Gardens and I was surprised it had moss on it. Everything is usually immaculate in the park.

Isn’t this a cute little dog? He or she belonged to a homeless guy. I think he would have gone home with me if he could have.

Ile d’Aix

Our neighbor, “Madam La”, sent a IM saying, “Have you crossed the shadow of Napoleon?” We were on Ile d’Aix and, it turns out, was where Napoleon spent his last time on French soil before being sent to exile by the English to Saint Helena. This plaque showed a brooding Napoleon on his way from France.

We took our visiting friends to Ile d’Aix where cars are not allowed. We wanted to rent bikes but were there before the bike shop opened so we stopped for a petit dejuner at a rather posh café. This fancy mirror was on a wall there.

The restaurant was connected to a hotel and if the table had a croissant on it, it was for hotel guests. Notice that there is no plate for the croissant. This is very typical in France. No plates for pastries and on a napkin if you are lucky. Our French guests sat at our kitchen counter in our apartment every morning (sometimes they stood there) and ate bread without plates getting crumbs all over the place. Maurice does this too and it drives me crazy. A French thing.

The bicycle rental shop finally opened and the owner had this huge St. Benard which greeted us in the street with his belly up. The last time we were on this island we ate in a small nearby café and the dog roamed between the tables begging for food.