Of course we visited the famous Duomo, a huge cathedral in Milan. It was worked on for six centuries and Napoleon was even crowned King of Italy there. It’s enormous and very elaborate. We visited it some years ago with my son and his family when they lived in Switzerland.

A view at night.

One of the most beautiful floors I have ever seen.

We went to the top where you can get a closeup look at statues on top of columns.

In the back of the cathedral you can see a copy of the statue of Mary that is on the highest column of the church.

I saw this statue of Mary at another church. Her halo was made of electric light bulbs. The silver hearts interested me. I’m guessing that they represent answered prayers.


While in Venice We made a quick trip to Milan, about two hours away by train. It’s a very interesting city.

The Milan train station is what is called Fascist architecture done during the time of Mussolini. It was enormous with square shapes and sharp angles everywhere.

We took the metro from the train station to our hotel and this is what we saw when we came out of the station, the Duomo.

Next to the Duomo is this very gorgeous shopping mall, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, full of mostly high end shops.

One of the symbols of Italy on the floor there. I thought this was the most beautiful.

We got this shot from up above at a cafe called the Marchesi.

They were selling desserts for Valentine Day.

We had the very rich hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Milan Duomo

First of all Happy New Year! 2013 went by at the speed of light for us. We were in Switzerland for New Year’s Eve with my son and his family. My daughter in law always has her boys make paper hats (she got the idea from an old Martha Stewart video). The boys are so creative and came up with really incredible hats.

The youngest one models one his Mom made.

We made a trip into Milan which is just over the border from where my son lives which means that the people in that part of Switzerland speak Italian. Those by the German border speak German and those by France speak French. The Swiss have their own ancient language too something I never knew until moving to France. This photo shows a shot of the Duomo from down a small street.

Children entranced by the candles inside the Duomo.

We climbed the 250 steps to the top and could see the square down below just packed with people, this being a Sunday and the holidays.

Closeup of a statue that I doubt can be seen from below.

There are hundreds of statues on top of spires.

This man has a great view.

I would have gone into this place just for the view of the Duomo, if not a drink made with Aperol, but having five children along makes you skip things like this.