Always Special

We don’t go out at night very often, a sign of age I’m sure. We did go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day to a place called Mallobar, owned by a friend of Maurice’s daughter. They have very good cocktails.

Here it is looking very special lit up at night.

It’s not too far from the Eiffel Tower so we walked over after dinner. You now have to go through security to go underneath.

Looking up from underneath. They now have a glass floor on the first level. I may check it out one of these days.

On the other side on the bridge. The lights had started sparkling which they do on the hour for five minutes but it’s hard to capture in a photo.

We walked on to the Hotel de Ville, the seat of the Paris government, which looks very different at night.

A lamp post looking pretty lit up for the night.

Pink Flowers

Spring is here, the time when you can find flowers all over Paris. I always try and get photos of them each year.

It’s always cool to get flowers in front of the Eiffel Tower.

No pink flowers, but a horse drawn carriage, new to me.

The Eiffel Tower looks strong and delicate at the same time.

The next day I went to Palais Royal but it was gray and cold, no blue sky to brighten up things.

The pink flowering trees were just about finished blooming.

A statue there with the pink flowers behind him. I guess wisteria will be next.


I took my grandson up to Montmartre as most young people love it. It wasn’t as lively as it usually is. I hope they liked it.

The colourful Lapin Agile Caberet on a corner as you climb the hill.

The sun came out as we climbed the hill and shone on these white buildings.

Picturesque water tower.

Sacre Coeur on the very top of the hill.

We had a good view of the Eiffel Tower down below.

The Eiffel Tower

I can never get tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower. It’s such an icon of Paris and a thrill, really, to be walking around and suddenly, there it is. I was in the area not far from it and took a few photos.

From Trocadero.

This is on the Pont Alexander III as I walked across to get another view of the tower.

A very well known spot for a photo of the Eiffel Tower.

From the other side of the bridge.

You can tell that Autumn is arriving when you start finding chestnuts on the ground.

Bastille Day

July 14th is Bastille Day in France which commemerates the storming of the Bastille with the ending of the monarchy and, eventually, the beginning of the Republique which exists today. It’s similar to the Fourth of July celebrations in the States. I used to miss the Fourth like crazy, along with Thanksgiving, when I first moved to Paris but those feelings have faded with time.

Our Bastille Day actually started on July 13. We went down the beach and had a huge drink with the sun shining on the water across the way. We went to the casino in town too and lost twenty euros in the slot machines.

That night we saw the fireworks which were just across the beach in the harbor across from our apartment.

They were very impressive.

The next day there was a huge military parade (the largest in Europe) in Paris. My favorite part is when the jets fly over with red, white and blue smoke behind them. As you can see, I took this photo of it on the TV.

The fireworks at the Eiffel Tower were just fabulous with special lighting that made it look like the tower was dancing and fireworks coming out that made it look like the tower was swishing her skirts or twirling a scarf. The fireworks must have lasted at least thirty or forty minutes and there was great music that played along too. One of these days I may get there in person although I hate crowds. We saw them from Montmartre once but it was too far away. This photo was from the TV too and doesn’t come close to showing how spectacular it was.

A Baguette A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The other morning I got up and as I was spooning dry oatmeal into my bowl I was suddenly dizzy and the oatmeal went all over the counter top. I didn’t fall but I was really surprised. I remembered Maurice having vertigo and our trip to the ER in the ambulance a few months ago and was hoping I wouldn’t be doing the same. His vertigo turned out to be connected to mononucleosis of all things. I haven’t been sick so this was out of the blue. So I hoped it would pass and even went ahead and went to the Eiffel Tower to take photos. The next morning I was dizzy with the sort of “I had too much to drink” feeling which I, unfortunately, am familiar with so I went to our doctor. I hate going to the doctor. All of the ones I have been to here in Paris always overbook and it isn’t unusual to sit in the waiting room for well over an hour. The plus is that our doctor’s office is right across the street. I’m a bit suspicious of her although she claims to specialise in nutrition as she told Maurice, when he wanted to lose some weight, that he could have a baguette a day. Only in France, right? Anyway, she said she thought I had a virus infection of the middle ear. Did you know that there isn’t a word for dizzy in French? At least I couldn’t find one and Maurice came up blank with a French word. I looked it up in the dictionary and the translation said, “avoire la tete qui tourne”-my head is spinning. What I was unpleasantly surprised with is that my blood pressure was elevated. I have never had high blood pressure, always dead normal. She asked me if I exercised and I told her that I did aerobic classes five days a week and she told me that I was addicted to exercise-I know that is possible with other people but, believe me, that is not the case with me-and that I should cut down to two days a week. Hmmm. If you look up ways to lower blood pressure exercise is right at the top of the list along with losing weight. I do admit that three of the classes are really tough and I have to push myself to keep up. God, am I getting old? I’m thinking maybe of switching to yoga which seems a little less strenuous unless they want me standing on my head or something. I’m heading to the States in April so I won’t be doing the classes anymore in any case. Ah, life.
I went to the Eiffel Tower because in March some of the trees there bloom with pink flowers. I saw some photos on Instagram the other day and knew I had to get out there as those pink flowers don’t last very long. I took just about the very same photos last year. I can’t believe it is March already-and that it is almost over.

As I approached I saw a guy with five rabbits. I’m sure he wanted money but he didn’t notice me taking a quick photo. Just in time for Easter.

There were some bushes blooming with yellow flowers.

Mostly the pink flowers.

This was my favourite one.