As I’m often saying, sunny days in Paris in the winter (almost Spring) can be gray and cloudy so when the sun comes out, so do Parisians, and tourists too. Last weekend it rained almost continually but this one turned out to be great with temperatures in the 60’s and I didn’t even need my coat.

We walked into the Tuleries Garden. Maurice isn’t fond of the ferris wheel but I find it very photogenic.

┬áHere it is further into the garden. It’s not there all of the time and at Christmas it’s even in a different place.

Just look at all of those people enjoying the sun.

A look at the ferris when from the other end of the garden, the Louvre end.

On the way back there were some musicians playing and a little girl danced even though it wasn’t rock and roll but Vivaldi.

A Long Walk

So, the next day I was back to looking for that book for my grandson. It is one of those thick, books of cartoons, this one being of Mickey Mouse being a magician. I got out of the metro at Concorde and checked out WHSmith which does have some books in French but not what I needed. So, for some reason, I decided to walk all the way from Concorde to Blvd. Saint Michel. It was a long walk. I need to buy one of those thingies that you wear on your wrist to keep track of how far you walk. So I headed down Rue de Rivoli.

Saw these pretty lights lined up in front of a hotel.

Saw this across the street in the Tuleries Garden. Wish I had time to ride it.

When I reached the Seine, I found this red replica of the Eiffel Tower made of bistro chairs. I don’t know why, nor why it was painted red but I liked it. In the distance in the rear you can see the real thing.

Paris Plage has started. Beaches, beach chairs, water, bars, all sorts of things have been set up to be a faux beach for those who can’t get to the real thing. I personally think the money to set all of this up could be used for better things but no one asked me. I’ve never done more there than walk around and take photos.

I ended up going to five book stores but never found the Mickey Mouse book so I bought one of Donald Duck. I hope the kids will like it after all of my walking and searching. Plus, I have to lug it, and it’s heavy, to Sardinia. The sacrifices a grandmother makes.

Now, don’t judge me. I bought this at WHSmith. They sell food products from England there along with books. I didn’t know Dr. Pepper was big in England. I bought it because I was tired and wanted some caffeine, it was hot, I was thirsty and because I am from Texas where Dr. Pepper was created. An American in Paris. What can I say?


Paris can be very gray and you can go weeks without seeing even a hint of blue sky so when the sun breaks through the clouds, it’s a big deal. I went out this last Saturday to check out a Christmas Bazaar. It turned out to be less than exciting and I left after about five minutes. Since it wasn’t horribly cold I set out to walk a bit when the sun made an appearance.

Here it comes!

I was on Pont Alexander III, the most beautiful bridge in Paris.

The lights are especially lovely all lined up.

I walked on down to Place de la Concorde where the ferris wheel is set up for Christmas.

Backing up and taking the photo from another angle, you can see the blue sky. Such a gift.

From On High

I had to get on the ferris wheel in the Tuleries garden before it left town and finally made it. It cost 8 Euros for adults which I though was a bit steep but did it anyway talking just one grandson with me at 5 Euros.

Down below waiting to get on.

A view of the pyramid at the nearby Louvre.

Nice view of the Garnier Opera House.

Sacre Coeur in the distance.

Looking down Rue de Rivoli and the carnival.

And The Sun Sets

Sunsets are really late here in France in the Summer, after 10 PM and it’s not truly dark until later. Some photos around the Tuleries Garden when we were there and as we left.

A soft pink sky.

The ferris wheel lit up with the Louvre to the right.

The pyramid at the Louvre.

The sun coming through the small Arc there.

Yet one more photo of the ferris wheel.

The covered passages along Rue de Rivoli.

A well lit building at Palais Royal.

Lights in the Park

I was on Rue du Rivoli right across from the Tuleries Garden when I saw the lights of a carrousel and decided to cross the street and take a look. It has been snowing in Paris but it warmed up a bit and there was slush left on the ground so I squelshed my way to the carrousel took a photo and then noticed that the ferris wheel was there again, as it is every December.

The carrousel looking rather forlorn. It sort of reminds me of the lamp post in Narnia sitting in the snow. It was a little chilly for a ride.

As seen through the trees.


Notice the obelisk in the middle. The ferris wheel looks Christmasy to me.

Once again I have sunk into my Christmas blues. I wish I knew where it came from. I know it started when I got divorced and just found the whole holiday season down right depressing. I haven’t even put up a tree or hung a wreath on the front door. Part of it too, if I am being truthful, is that I hate shopping for gifts. Why is that? What does it mean? I find it so stressful and have trouble finding gifts that I like to give to others. Is it genetic? Am I putting to much pressure on myself? I have a friend arriving from the States on Christmas day and I am looking forward to that, and the end of the Christmas season for that matter. Scrooge doesn’t have much on me.