Picnic in the Park

The weather has turned fabulous here in Paris and the parks are full of people enjoying the sunshine.

This is Bercy Park next to our favourite movie theatre.

I love reflections in water.

Closeup of a flower there with no filter used.

In the heart of a flower.

Just a few of the people there having a picnic.

Ah, Paris

It’s fun to be back in Paris and to walk around spotting new things and familiar things. All of this had to wait though because the apartment windows were absolutely filthy as they haven’t been touched in months. Not one of my favorite things to do but I love the results.

Near our apartment is this classic Parisian building with its tin roof. I’ve been told that the rooms right under this are really hot in the summer but they certainly look charming from the exterior.

I went for a walk/run on Promenade Plantee and there were roses everywhere-a sign of June in Paris.

I like the lights in the Place des Vosges.

A closer look one of the buildings there.

A glimpse of the newly cleaned St Paul St Louis church in the Marais.