Desert in Bloom

 I am in Arizona visiting my mother and there are trees and bushes and cacti in bloom all over the place.

In the yard of my mother’s neighbor. When my Dad was in the last stages of his Parkinson’s and disoriented, he got the neighbor’s garbage bin mixed up with theirs and to this day it bothers my Mom as it is smaller and stained with paint. No one would do anything about it so when it got dark, I went over and switched them. There are just renters in the place so I doubt they will notice or care like my Mother does. We will see.

These bloomed only for one day.

The cacti flowers come in yellow too.

You can see the buds on the saguaro cactus but I will miss seeing the blooms. You can also see a little hole where cactus wrens often build nests.

Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris can be gray and rainy but there are always Spring flowers, mostly pink. The pink flowers attract my attention the most as they are usually on trees.

This tree and the unusual structure behind it were on Promenade Plantée.

Also on Promenade Plantée, nature’s confetti. Just like in Autumn, trees really make a mess. I’m not sure what that lady on her hands and knees was doing. I think the camel pose in yoga.

This tree was on the side of the Hotel de Ville. They have a garden there that is supposed to be open to the public but I’ve never seen the gate open.

On the side of Notre Dame. They have great landscaping on one side and the back.

Here’s a view from across the Seine.

Morning Walk

Maurice and I walk just about every morning unless I get up really early and walk with a friend. Sometimes I want a change from the usual, though beautiful, Promenade Plantée and I wanted to get a photo of Spring flowers with the Eiffel Tower in the background on a day of sunshine (rain was expected the next day) so we took a metro which was packed with people on their way to work to the Eiffel Tower and then walked to Concorde from there before taking a metro back home.

Pretty pink flowers everywhere.

These yellow bushes are everywhere, all over Paris.

This girl was having photos taken. I noticed that her gown matches the pink flowers in the tree above her.

We walked right along side the Seine up to Pont Alexander III, the prettiest bridge in Paris.

Then went up to the street level to cross it and on down to Concorde.

A Pretty Walk

I love to get outside and walk when the temperatures are cool and fall in in the air and golden leaves are everywhere. These photos were taken on the Promenade Planteé near our apartment building in early November.

img_2041 There had been a rain the night before and a lot of leaves came down.

img_2043 So nice to have this view as you walk along.


There are very few flowers on the walk except for rose bushes so it was a delight to see these seasonal mums.

img_2047 The grass is green for a little longer.

img_2048 I loved the yellow leave behind this statue.


Halloween is called Toussaint here in France which is All Saints Day. It is a custom to go to the cemetery where loved ones lie and place flowers and clean up the tomb a bit. I went into Perl Lachaise on November first, a beautiful day, as there are always flowers everywhere, usually mums. Lots of autumn leaves too.

img_2185 The main entrance was lined with chrysanthemums.

img_2182 Many tombs had them too.

img_2200 Beautiful flower bed.

img_2188 Sleeping in the sun-so to speak.

img_2197 Chopin’s tomb always has many visitors leaving flowers and candles.

img_2209 The tomb of a well known classical piano player.

img_2205 Another shot of leaves in the foreground.


Last Sunday instead of doing our usual walk on Promenade Plantee which is near to us I talked Maurice into taking the metro and doing our walk in the Luxembourg Gardens. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the park was packed with joggers and it made a nice change.

img_1903 It’s locked overnight and is the home of the French Senate as you can see by this official looking building at the front of the park. There are guards everywhere too.

img_1905 This is a section of the Medici Fountain that I always stop at and take at least one photo.

img_1907 The flowers are always beautiful except in the dead of winter if it gets really cold.

img_1908 These famous green chairs are everywhere and used a lot.

img_1913 Autumn has arrived.

img_1915 There is a Statue of Liberty.

img_1919 The guy who rents sailboats for the pond wasn’t there but a lot of people, mostly men, had brought their own.

img_1920 Ready to sail.