Paris Photos

Again, another mix of photos around Paris:

I like this light fixture seen in the window of a cafe.

I went to the Cognac-Jay Museum to see paintings done of Venice about the Carnaval through the ages. I didn’t get any photos of the art. It was interesting but the museum is so small and clogged with people that I didn’t enjoy myself. The explanations were put below the paintings requiring you to bend over to read them and when you did you automatically blocked the way of people trying to pass. As I left there was a long line waiting to get in and I was glad I got out before they all tried to move through the museum.

The beautiful glass dome in Galeries Lafayette. I went there to look at shoes but it was so crowded (I think there’s a theme going here. I do hate crowds.) and there were so many shoes to look at-it’s a huge department covering a whole floor- that I left without buying any, and I really do need some. I lost some weight after having my gall bladder out and, unfortunately, when I lose weight I also lose it in my feet and just about walk out of my shoes.

The clock tower at Gare de Lyon taken from the bus I was on as we passed.

A statue of Joan of Arc, a strong woman, in the church of St Eustache.

White Christmas

Before heading to the States I made a quick trip to Galeries Lafayette to check out their Christmas tree. It is under their glass dome and is different each year.

img_2650 What you see as you enter the store in the perfume and cosmetic section.

img_2651 The other side. It was made of thick white paper by the way, as was the ferris wheel.

img_2654 Close up.

img_2657 The top from the fourth floor.

img_2656 I went to the fifth floor hoping to see everything from above and found the other side of the dome.

img_2658 So I went back to the fourth floor for this view below.

img_2660 The windows with viewing areas for children. It was polar bears also made of white paper.

img_2666 I took a bus over to Bon Marche just for this shot. They were doing a Christmas with snow theme.

img_2664 I liked their windows better last year. They had snow balls doing various things.

Since I Was There

I was in the neighborhood near the famous Galeries Lafayette and thought I should get a photo of the Christmas tree there under the dome. I made the mistake of going in the evening on a Saturday and the whole store and street were just packed with people, but I got my photos.

Because I was using my iPhone, I couldn’t get the whole tree into the frame so here is the top part up by the dome. As you can see, they did the tree upside down this year.

And here is the bottom part that I took from a few floors up.

Not far away I passed a Paul Boulangerie and took a photo of these cute little dough boys dipped in chocolate.

I’m always interested to see Bagel shops in Paris.

With free wifi for girls? Didn’t ask about that.

A shop typical in the area with very nice fruit and vegetables outside and groceries inside-usually pretty expensive.

I was passing a restaurant that had an open door showing a festive little Christmas tree. We aren’t putting up a tree this year as we will be out of town but I may put out a few candles.

Christmas Lights

I really had to make myself get out after dark to get some Christmas photos. I don’t know why I don’t realize how great it is once I arrive. I guess it’s just hard to leave a warm apartment especially if I’ve already been out during the day. On this night, I headed to the giant departments stores, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette which are always impressive.

Printemps lights were really outstanding.

Cute windows for the kids. Prada was also a part of it.

Galeries Lafayette has the most outstanding Christmas tree under that fabulous dome.

I went to the top of Printemps hoping to get outside on their terrace for photos. They wouldn’t let me as it was dark. I hope to see the Eiffel Tower too but fog had descended and it couldn’t be seen. I took this photo of la Madaleine church in the distance.

This is the church again-the colors changed as you watched. There are lights shining upwards on the side of the church but with this street light in the position it’s in in my photo, it looks like a celestial light shining down-or maybe a space ship.

One more shot. So pretty.

Christmas Windows

Galeries Lafayette, the famous Paris department store, is known for its Christmas windows. I had a look the other day to check them out along with the famous Christmas tree under the dome inside.

Two flamingos in the middle sort of dancing together. All sorts of puppets around them.

A giant dog that looked real (I assume it isn’t a stuffed one) with headphones.

Dancing lemurs.

And here is the tree-very dramatic.