Seen in Venice

I write this with a few days left of our stay in Venice. A big cold front has arrived along with high wind which will keep me from going out to explore as much as usual. I look down from our apartment and look at the people below and they are dressed as if on a polar expedition. I do plan to get out after lunch with every layer of clothing that I brought as I didn’t bring my winter coat which wasn’t a problem until today.

Here are some photos mostly taken in the last few days before the cold front:

I’m sure a shoe store must have once been in the building this was carved upon.

I keep trying to get a seagull flying in my photos and finally suceeded.


The leaning tower of Venice. It’s on the Chiesa di San Giorgio dei Greci, the only Orthodox Greek church in Venice.

The tower from the other side.

Traffic jam.

There is symbolism in the decorations in front of the gondolas. The six staight bars represent each section of Venice, the one behind an island and the round shape at the top the shape of the hat of the Doge.

I should have included this one with my post about the Carnival costumes. This is how to get a photo of those in costumes without people in the background, just the architecture of San Marco.