Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris can be gray and rainy but there are always Spring flowers, mostly pink. The pink flowers attract my attention the most as they are usually on trees.

This tree and the unusual structure behind it were on Promenade Plantée.

Also on Promenade Plantée, nature’s confetti. Just like in Autumn, trees really make a mess. I’m not sure what that lady on her hands and knees was doing. I think the camel pose in yoga.

This tree was on the side of the Hotel de Ville. They have a garden there that is supposed to be open to the public but I’ve never seen the gate open.

On the side of Notre Dame. They have great landscaping on one side and the back.

Here’s a view from across the Seine.

Always Special

We don’t go out at night very often, a sign of age I’m sure. We did go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day to a place called Mallobar, owned by a friend of Maurice’s daughter. They have very good cocktails.

Here it is looking very special lit up at night.

It’s not too far from the Eiffel Tower so we walked over after dinner. You now have to go through security to go underneath.

Looking up from underneath. They now have a glass floor on the first level. I may check it out one of these days.

On the other side on the bridge. The lights had started sparkling which they do on the hour for five minutes but it’s hard to capture in a photo.

We walked on to the Hotel de Ville, the seat of the Paris government, which looks very different at night.

A lamp post looking pretty lit up for the night.

A Day of Culture

I was with a friend from the States the other day and we saw not one but two cultural exhibits.

The first was at the Hotel de Ville where an exhibit of photos were on display, from the beginning of photography to the present. All of the photographers belong(ed) to Magnum Organisation.

I love this photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson taken just before the man splashed into the water.

Next we headed over to the Petite Palais. They always have a permanent exhibition here. It’s a beautiful building too, as you can see.

A pretty art nouveau vase on display. (a bit fuzzy)

The gorgeous interior courtyard/walkway.

The also had the original art supplies, stool, umbrella, etc. set up. I forgot to get the name of the artist but I remember that he was an impressionist.

Hotel de Ville

The seat of the government of Paris is at the Hotel de Ville, a very large and attention grabbing building on Rue de Rivoli. It has a very long history and the interior was even destroyed during the Commune, an uprising in 1870. It was rebuilt in a very sumptuous style, with pure gold gilding and Baccarat chandeliers in the manner of Verseilles. I’ve known for ages that you could take free tours and finally made a reservation. The tour was lead in French but you can get a tour in English if you have a large group. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the interior. By the way, the mayor threw open the doors in 2006 on the first Nuit Blanche and was stabbed (and survived) there. I had forgotten that. There are hundreds of years of history since the city has been run from this spot since 1357.

A view of the rear exterior from across the street.

The main room where meetings and parties are held. There was no furniture anywhere.

Each region was represented. This was is Normandy. Algeria was represented too as the ceiling art work was done while Algeria was part of France.

Another elegant hall.

A great view of Île de la Cité and Notre Dame from a window.

A ceiling representing art in one room.

Enormous fire places at either end.

And the interior courtyard was interesting to see with a curved staircase across the way.