I went in the final days to the Orsay Museum to see an exhibition of an artist unknown to me named Frédéric Bazille. He went to medical school as his parents wanted but ended up in art school and eventually became friends with Monet, Manet, Sisley and Renoir. He often shared apartments with them and, because he wasn’t a starving artist, provided studios and art equipment for them. He joined the military in the Franco-Prussian war where he was killed and died at the age of 28. The exhibit showed many of his works and also showed those painted in the same place by his friends, along with Cezanne and Pissoro. He might have become even more famous than them, had he lived.

A self portrait.

Excuse me for not cropping my photos. This shows one of his studios where he and his friends worked. They often shared models. The is him in the right corner playing the piano. He was also a very good musician.

The Girl in the Pink Dress. This was a cousin of his looking at a view. He loved painting out in the open air with natural light.

This was my favorite painting of his that I saw. In person it looked like a photograph. Really amazing.

A good view in the room where the exhibit was.