Bonsai are beautiful to look at and fascinating to me. I was taken to a Bonsai Garden in Oakland by an old friend that I met years ago through the Paris board of AOL which sadly no longer exists. The garden by the beautiful Lake Merit is run and taken care of over one hundred voulteers. The plants were donated, often after a bonsai owner died. There is overhead watering three times a day and they are putting in new paved paths to keep walking areas dry.

Close to the entry.

A pretty metal flower decoration that hung near some of the bonzai.

A pretty tree seen through a fence.

I think this one was 1400 years old if you can believe it. The purpose of bonsai, first done in China then exported to Japan, other than the exercise of effort and ingenuity of the grower getting plants to look like minature trees in shallow containers, is for the contemplation of the viewer, a sort of zen experience.

A twig broom looking artistic in the sun.

A tin watering pot in a ceramic pot and a bonzai shadow which all looked very Japanese to me.


I’ve heard of restaurants serving fusion food but haven’t had any. I get sort of suspicious when I see a place that offers both Japanese and Mexican food. How could both in the same place be good? I was with my son who is on a business meeting here in Scottsdale and we were looking for some chinese food when we saw the name SumoMaya and decided to try it and, indeed, there was Japanese and Mexican food and it was good. I especially liked the interior. It wasn’t cheap though.

The front door.

See? Mexican and Japanese.

An interesting cocktail, sort of a mix between a Pimms and a Moscow Mule.

The bar.

I especially liked this tree which looked live but I suspect wasn’t as who wants leaves and sap dropping into their food?