Cows and Kisses

I couldn’t find a photo of a cow, although I have taken them before, but here are some cute, well loved teddy bears at a brocante.

I’ve been fascinated with the use of the word “cow”-vache-in the French language. It can be used all sorts of ways. To call a woman a cow is an insult although it could also mean she is really cool. Call a man that and he is a swine or rat. I heard Maurice use it the other day saying something was “vachement jolie”. I caught the word vache and found out that it means something is really pretty-it expresses enthusiasm. Who knew, huh?

Isn’t she “vachement” cute?



I always get enthusiastic about fabric. I have a drawer full of provencal place mats but maybe I could use a few more.

I have been observing how the French greet each other with that double French kiss. I’ve even asked several French people which is correct-to kiss the right cheek first or the left? They almost always say right cheek but then sort of pause and get a contemplative look on their faces and say, “But, not always.” For a while all I saw were greeting with the right cheek going first but in Corsica almost everyone I saw put their left cheek first. Since being back home I have seen a mixture but, on being greeted by several French people, it was always the right cheek. So based on my intensive scientific research, it probably doesn’t matter which cheek you offer when greeted but the right cheek is probably the safest.

Sideroads of Europe