After the light show at Notre Dame, I walked through the crowd to the Louvre to look at the exhibition on the pyramid there. They have put on a type of light show there too celebrating the opening of a second Louvre in Abu Dhabi, a collaboration between the two countries.

I passed this on the way, special lighting on what I think is a police station lit up for the anniversary too.

The bridges are lit up and there is the Eiffel Tower lighting the way.

One of the bridges has this mosaic graffiti on it.

From the back the pyramid had this covering on it. I thought I was too late to see anything, plus there were very few people about.

Here is what I saw from the front. I think it is the ceiling in the main lobby of the new museum.

They showed this too-a piece of furniture done in the Eastern method of inlaying.


There were lots of lights to photograph in Austin.

Two historic theatres in downtown Austin.

A funky place on the water called Oasis.

You don’t see many palm trees lit up in blue.

Aplace called Mozarts went over the top in Christmas lighting and it was drawing crowds even after Christmas was over.

Venice At Dawn

According to the weather forecast we were going to have three days of sunshine in Venice so one morning I got up at dawn to take some photos. I had planned to go to Saint Marc Square to get the sunrise but got on a vaporetto going the wrong direction but it didn’t matter as it was wonderful going down the Grand Canal and seeing the architecture in the dark with lights here and there.

This was the very first photo I took as I left our apartment. I was so happy to see the moon hanging there.

This pastry shop was open for those needing coffee. The window doesn’t look that good during the day but lit up it was magical.

A look at a water taxi stop.

One of the lovelier bridges crossing the Grand Canal.


Arizona December

We’ve only been Arizona for part of December where it is known for its mild winters. With the strange weather going on it has strangely been colder here than back east but I would be surprised if that lasts.

The orange trees are loaded with fruit but I read that there is a strange disease that may destroy many of them.

I saw this line at a mall. Chipolte has had some horrible outbreaks of food poisoning and they are really suffering in the stock market. I was surprised to see people in line here. I guess it is a “it couldn’t happen to me” mentality.

Of course there are always beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Christmas lights are everywhere.

I always wonder how much the electricity bills go up with lights like these.

After Dark

I love walking around Paris after dark when lights come on both outside and inside. I don’t see it much here in Paris if I’m not here in the winter because the sun sets really late in the summer but now it goes down around 4:30 and it’s really lovely.

We were in the Palais Royal-as you can see.

I liked the stars for decorations in this window as well as the Tshirts with the name of the store on them.

A famous, and expensive, vintage clothing store, Didier Ludot. The prices aren’t in the window but the designer, such as Channel, and the year it was made.

Simple Christmas decoration.

I like seeing stores like this with books piled up.

My view while waiting for a bus in the Marais.

Countdown to Christmas

A few more Christmas photos from Paris as Christmas approaches.

The stunning entrance to the Relais Christine.

With a pretty wreath there hanging outside.

A Santa wearing white instead of the usual Coke red outfit.

A simple silver star in the glass.

Some Christmas decorations seen through a hotel window.

Don’t these look like angels? It was dark outside and the lights in the store were off but they had lit up the interior of these dresses. I loved it.