Art in Architecture

I really love architecture when done well and have discovered a treasure trove in Long Beach where my friend lives. There was a very bad earthquake in Long Beach in 1933 and many buildings were destroyed but this was the era of Art Nouveau and many buildings were rebuilt in this one of my favorite styles.

Most of the architecture like this was in the old downtown section of Long Beach.

I liked the colors on this one too.

I’m not sure if this is Art Nouveau but I found it in the art district.

At the end of The Promenade.

Isn’t this great?

This was in the art district too.

California Dreaming

More photos from our brief trip to California.

We went to a really good place to eat in Laguna Beach called las Brisas that has been there for years and serves upscale Mexican food. Fabulous view.

The view the other direction.

The view outside. Look at that blue sky!

Long Beach has some incredible architecture. It was once very ritzy and attracted the movie star set. It had a beach too but that is gone.

A closeup of some of the detail.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to return to Arizona and passed an area with hundreds of wind turbines.