My Favorite Provence Market

My favorite Provence market and, perhaps, my favorite village there is Lourmarin. The market is every Friday morning and it is packed with beautiful things along with the usual vegetables and fruit. I love going there.

Cute little dresses for sale.

I was tempted by these vinegars if just for their color alone. I just didn’t want to carry them back to Paris in my suitcase.

Spices for sale. They are usually piled in little peaks but I think the wind that day made it too dangerous.

Fragrant soap on a rope.

A restaurant tempting passersby.

Liked these hammocks.

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You Can’t Go Home Again

While we were in Aix, we rented a car and headed out to the old area where we used to live. I was glad to go again and discover that we were glad we didn’t long to return, that we had made the right choice to sell our home and move. In fact, when we arrived at our old house Maurice insisted that we go and say hello. I didn’t want to, I hate to show up unannounced at someone’s home, but there we were and it turned out that they were very happy to see us. They gave us a tour of our old place and showed us their changes which included taking out two windows in the salon which, really, just let in a bit of light and had no view, taking out an unused door in the kitchen and a totally renovated bathroom which looked fabulous. It made me wonder why we hadn’t thought of the same things. They told us that a neighbor had thrown a sit down dinner for the whole neighborhood to welcome them to the neighborhood, this was from a lady who never had a thing to do with us, never spoke to us and refused to come over for a neighborhood party that we had thrown when we were there. Why, I don’t know. It sort of made me mad but, oh well. I didn’t get any photos of our old home.

We stopped in Lourmarin, a really fabulous village in the Luberon area and they were having a brocant. These metal balls for a game, bocce ball, were for sale, 80 Euros each, and I was tempted because they looked so great.

I loved this menu for a restaurant there.

An inviting terrace for another restaurant.

The ruined castle at la Tour d’Aigues still looking golden in the sun where we came often for the doctor, the market or a drink (in the village, not that castle).

This very old plane tree by a cafe that we often used to get drinks at in la Tour d’Aigues is still being held together by metal rods. There are some green leaves on the tree but I wonder how much longer it will be there before they decide to cut it down.

Once More

We were in Lourmarin once more showing visitors around and looking at the offerings of the market. It is always a pleasing place to visit. I’m having to search out places for photos, for something different, and there’s always something new to me.

I love this photo done for an advertisement of French olive oil. I keep looking at it wondering how they got such great color and light in the photo.

There is always soap for sale at markets, especially the famous scented soaps make of olive oil from Marseille.

This is soap too. It is put on the metal pole attached to the wall. I seem to dimly remember this type of thing in bathrooms at gas stations long ago. I guess it isn’t considered sanitary anymore. It is sort of charming and something fun to put in a bathroom but I wonder if it wouldn’t drip down to the sink or whatever and make a mess?

Isn’t purple an enchanting color? I thought this purse was really terrific. I saw it in the door of a cute shop in Lourmarin. The lady who did the purse also did really cute framed flowers. I’ll have to have a closer look the next time I am in Lourmarin which probably won’t be too long a time.

Handy Dandy Thingie

While at the Friday morning market at Lourmarin, my daughter in law and I happened upon a cooking demonstation used to try and sell a little device that I have no name for. Maybe it’s a spiraler?

It looks like this

The guy was a real performer really into demonstrating the thingie which is a little metal device with a metal circle that, when inserted into a potato, carrot or other firm vegetable, and then turned, creates a spiraled piece that you can use to decorate a plate with or, as with a potato, fry in a circle.

A carrot circle

The guy was practical doing Shakespeare demonstrating how to use it. I asked him at one point how much it cost but he held up his hand and said I had to wait until he finished telling us all about it. So we stood there while he drilled into a potato and a carrot, cooked up the potato ring, put another carrot into the hole left in a potato and then cut it into circles with white potato on the outside, orange carrot on the inside.

The hallow carrot left behind

Finally, he told us the price-10 euros. My daughter in law said, “That performance is worth 5 euros alone”. So we each bought one. My grandkids were fascinated with it and loved using it on carrots and potatoes.

A carrot spiral

The potato circles fry up really light and crispy but I’m not sure if I want to use a whole potato each time I want to fry up one. You’d need 4 at least for two people and then you are left with that hallow potato. I tried stuffing one with cheese and baking it but I had cheese running out all over the place. I guess I could make a farci type stuffing for it. I’m thinking it was one of those impulse buys but it was fun. I’m having a huge group of people over next month and will be doing a lot of cooking and my daughter in law said I should make carrot circles or radish circles to put on plates but I’m not sure if I will have the time or energy. She is much more into doing things like that than I am. Mostly I think that thingie will sit in a drawer.

A Market in Provence

One of the most charming things you can do in Provence is to visit a market. Not only can you find cheese, vegetables and fruit at the height of freshness and taste, but also all sorts of items you’d love to have in your home.

I love these glasses and the holder for them.

This lady makes such great hats. One of these days I need to buy one so I can look stylish in the sun, instead of wearing my usual baseball cap.

I’m not sure what you could do with these hearts–hang them on door handles?

Something else decorative I guess to hang on a wall.

Cool And Busy

Life is still busy around here with four grandchildren. As often happens in August, the temperatures dropped. On the day we went to Lourmarin a mistral also arrived and almost blew us out of the market. The kids were walking around with their arms tucked up inside their t-shirts.

Pretty hooks. They also make great knobs for furniture.

I’m always intrigued with birdcages but have no idea where I could put it.

Isn’t this a great keyhole? It’s on the little church at Lourmarin.

Micah likes his chocolate.