There is an exhibit right now at the Louvre Museum of Vermeer and other Dutch painters. I love his art so determined to go. Even though I had a ticket for 2 PM, there was a 45 minute wait in a line as they were trying to keep crowding down. Of course, it was crowded even so. Most of the paintings are small and I was glad I’m tall so I could look at them over the heads of the crowds. I was only able to get close to some a few times. I’m sure the best time is to come as soon as they open.

The lobby of the Louvre under the pyramid. The silver tube in the middle of the stairs is an elevator.

There are two covered courtyards where sculptures are displayed. One has Roman, the other Greek.

A view out a window showing the top of the pyramid and a statue overlooking it.

Photos weren’t allowed so this is a photo of a book cover. This is called The Lace Maker. As I said, they had other artists displayed there-two that painted at the same time as Vermeer but, to me, they couldn’t compare to how he painted light.

The Astronomer. This is at the Louvre full time.

The Sun Came Out

Paris can be very cloudy, gray and rainy in the winter and spring and it certainly has been recently. It’s such a treat to get out and see some blue sky.

The Louvre Museum seen across the Seine.

I’m always taken with open windows.

Daffodils are blooming.

A Statue of Louis XIV shining in the sun on Place des Victories. It’s a lovely square with the buildings all rounded inward which now house upscale shops where houses once were.

Art and Architecture

I’m a fan of most architecture, mostly the older kind. The pyramid at the Louvre has grown on me. For a month, an art installation is on it, sort of interesting.

Installation almost complete.

From the front.

Finished but I was there in the late afternoon and couldn’t get a photo without people in front of it.

Turn around and here is this architecture, a small Arch de Triomphe. Those Romans were so good at architecture which was copied here.

Parisian architecture up close, window from the early 1900’s.

This and That in Paris

This and That in Paris:

Metro entrance at Palais Royal made of hand blown Murano glass for the millennium.

Pyramid at the Louvre shining in the sun.

The pyramid was and is controversial but I do like how you can see the Louvre through the glass.

Most French eat their hamburgers with a knife and fork. The hamburgers cost about 20 Euros unless you go to Macdonalds.

A nice place in Montmartre that I want to try sometime.


My grandson and his friend were here for a short time in Paris and I got to take them around Paris, when they weren’t busy doing something else that is. Walking around with one’s grandmother isn’t that exciting but at least I do live in Paris which isn’t too shabby.

It was mostly gray but the sun came out as we went behind Notre Dame.

We went to the Louvre Museum and I took them to see the sumptuous Apollo Room.

The impressive Winged Victory.

We fought our way through the crowd to see the Mona Lisa.

Here’s Mercury, the messenger god, now the symbol of FTD flower delivery business.

Around the Louvre

One Saturday morning I turned on my phone and there was a message from a friend saying I could meet her at the Pont des Arts. I got dressed and arrived on time but she was nowhere to be seen. I rechecked my message and that’s when I noticed that it had been sent about two weeks prior. I’m not sure how that happened. So, since I was there, I took a few photos before heading home.

This couple was getting their photo taken in one of the arches at the Louvre.

These stylish girls walked by. It was fashion week and I thought perhaps they were going to a show but maybe they just liked dressing up.

As it was Saturday morning I was able to get a photo of one side of the Louvre from across the street without any vehicles to spoil the view. It gives you an idea of just how huge the museum is. If you walked around the outside circumference it would be a three mile hike.

A look at the Pont des Arts from a distance.

A pretty bench at a nearby park-a book as it is near a school.

I took this photo of the Louvre from a different side on a different day from a bus as we passed by.