Looking Back

I was going through my 2017 photos to try and pick a favorite but don’t really have one. I just have photos that mainly bring back good memories. I picked out over 20 but may have to spread it out over several posts.

We went to the States in January. We visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona,

and Sante Fe in New Mexico,

and the White Sands Monument in New Mexico.

We went to the Maldives for my birthday.

A trip to Venice with a lot of Spritzs to drink.

We did part of the Camino de Santiago in May where I took this photo of a cow at dawn. It was very difficult for me, my first and last time, but Maurice is ready for more.

We went to England to watch some tennis and made a stop in London while there.

I spent the rest of the year in the States, mostly with my mother but visiting with my children before coming home in December.

I don’t know if this is my favorite photo but I do love the optical illusion of this building in hilly Montmartre.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year for 2018. Thanks for making me a part of your lives.


There was very little to do on Meeru, our island in the Maldives. They had some live music some nights but no loud music with dancing, no nightclub type action. We sat and had a drink every night to watch the sun set and ate more than we should have. They had an enormous buffet for each meal and it was hard not to try everything. There wasn’t fish every day as I thought there would be. They always had something which the English would like such as lamb or beef with potatoes and steamed veggies. There was always Indian food which was too spicy for me and I ate a lot of Chinese food. I should never have passed by the desserts because I discovered that they made a fantastic smooth and silky mousse which I had twice a day. Dessert twice a day is not a good thing for the waist line.

Our room was on stilts right on the water and there were lights illuminating the water each night. I was very surprised to look down and see a shark. It, and the others I saw, turned out to be Black Tipped Sharks, reef sharks, which aren’t dangerous. I saw sharks all of the time along raised walkways. When we snorkelled I always looked for them but never saw one.

We saw this sting ray too but never up close while actually in the water. We snorkelled every say, sometimes off a boat by a reef and sometimes right by the spa which was full of fish.

I was surprised to see this egret on the shore. I thought they hung out in still water. There were actually very few birds on the island. I heard one at night in the trees, I saw three rather large bats fly overhead as the sun set, and only one sandpiper. I expected lots of birds and wondered why there were so few. We never saw dogs or cats either.

It only rained once while we were there, and only for the morning. November is their most rainy month, monsoon type rains from what I read.

Of course, there were those tropical sunsets. This one is actually the glow on the other side of the island on the east side.

The Maldives

Maurice took me to the Maldives for my birthday.  It’s a really long flight from France with a change of planes in Dubai which, it turns out, is very spectacular airport, very new and all of the shops are open 24/7 and planes fly at all hours in the morning. We were taken by boat to our island after we landed in Malé, the capitol, a ride of 45 minutes, and what a beautiful place it was. The Maldives is composed of over 1000 islands situated in a lagoon southwest of India. The sand was white and the water turquoise. It was paradise. Maldives has a bad human rights record, especially with women, but, being paying tourists, we saw nothing of this. The people who worked at our resort, the Meeru, were friendly and seemed happy. The population is Muslim and there were also women in the spa from Bali and some Chinese employees. We met a couple of ladies who had been coming there for six years. I only met one American and he was there because he lived in China, so not such a great distance to travel. We heard a lot of English accents and Russian as well.

The sign greeting us when we arrived. Just look at that white sand.

We had some of the staff come out to say hello with drums. They even had a French speaking lady for us. The staff, by the way, lives on the island in special housing. I wondered if they had their own units or if they had to share in dorm like situations.

This building was the spa with nice ladies from Bali doing massages and facials. I had a facial, the first one I’ve ever had. Rather special. The lady who did it said to get some cranberry extract to help prevent ageing skin.

We came back from lunch on my birthday to find this. I received a little cake and a half bottle of champagne too.

I drank a whole lot of pina coladas. Maurice had this blue tropical drink one evening as the sun set.