Paris Shots

Not doing much writing about Paris these days but I always take photos.

On a door in the Marais. If this doesn’t keep away evil spirits, I don’t know what will.

The boulangerie in our neighborhood sells these delicious looking quiches along with those sandwiches seen below and also some meals you can microwave at home. There are always tons of people in line at lunchtime to buy lunch.

And, of course, desserts are always available. I manage not to buy any for the most part.

This is an old map showing India, and to the south next to the ship, the Maldives. Maurice is taking me there for my birthday for one week. Photos show it to be one of those beautiful places with turquoise water and white sand. We will be there a week. Many photos to follow, I’m sure.

A Special Church

In the Marais is a church I have been in many times. I was going to pass on by the other day but the main door was wide open so I decided to go in. It is Saint Paul Saint Louis Church and it is very special. It was built in the 1600’s and the Saint Louis that it refers to is King Louis IX, the only French king to become a saint. During the French Revolution it was turned into the Temple of Reason but restored to its Christian status in 1802.

img_2359 This is what you see when you enter.

img_2360 The dome over the altar. There is a sun at the very top in the middle, the symbol of the French kings.

img_2361 A pieta.

img_2362 You don’t often see chandeliers in a church. Very elegant.

img_2363 A very large painting by Delacroix.

img_2364 Stunning architecture.

Around the Marais

The Marais has long been one of my favorite areas of Paris. Here are a few photos I took the other day.

img_2342 There are lots of beautiful windows to be seen but they are really special with autumn touched vines.

img_2350 The Village Saint Paul is always interesting to walk around. Very quiet and sort of lost in time.

img_2351 This painted wall and door in one of the shops caught my eye.

img_2353 This box was in an antique shop too. I’m not sure what it once contained-maybe powder?-but I like the colors and design.

img_2356 The window of a florist.

img_2354 Isn’t this a great corner?

Seen in Paris

Seen around Paris on my last quick trip there. As usual, it’s architecture and a window.

The back of a museum.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (7)
One of those unique tin roofs pretty common in Paris seen from the Picasso Museum.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (8)
A closeup of a photo posted before. It was used to watch for enemies possible coming down the street-or so I once read.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (9)
On Rue des Rosiers. People once had to go to public baths for showers and the like before plumbing was common. A clothing store is now on the bottom level. I don’t know if any of the original interior still exists.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (5)
Here’s my window. Doesn’t it just get you? Flowers, shutters, open window.


The other evening we joined some friends at a restaurant that had a charming interior but the food was very disappointing. I hate when that happens. It even had good reviews on Trip Advisor. Go figure. (le Gorille Blanc, if you want the name.)

See? Isn’t that pretty?

A very inviting ambience.

Isn’t this window selling kids clothing cute? It was in the Marais close to where we ate.

We walked over to Place des Vosges looking pretty at night.

The park there was closed for the night.