It has been rainy here in Paris and sometimes when I am trudging along the wet sidewalks and the toes of my socks are wet-I discover that my shoes aren’t waterproof-and, even though the temperatures are in the 50’s, I start to feel a little chilled because there is a wind–then I start dreaming of a few ways to cheer myself up. 

 I was in the Marais neighborhood and the thought of some Christmas tea sounded good. Why not treat myself?  I went in the warm little store right there on rue Bourg Tibourg, filled with the scents of teas mingling in the air and bought a little sack of their Christmas tea. It has cinnamon and orange peel in it and a cup of a tea with this flavor is always guaranteed to brighten your day. They handed me my little paper sack and, darn, if they didn’t put a little raincoat over it so my sack wouldn’t get wet.


 See the little raincoat?


My sac of Christmas Tea


A closeup of their label.

 I had to run into the grocery store before coming home and as I was checking out I saw something only available at Christmas and Easter around Paris. It is candy, not the handmade, expensive, exclusive candy for sale in marvelous shops around Paris, but the packaged stuff. Still, I love it. I love the chocolate covered cherries that used to be available in the States-I think they stopped making it. This is called Mon Cheri and along with a cherry inside, there is also some cherry liquor. My, is it good. So I bought a package of five pieces and ate it in ten minutes. At least I didn’t buy a package of twenty.



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