I’ve heard of restaurants serving fusion food but haven’t had any. I get sort of suspicious when I see a place that offers both Japanese and Mexican food. How could both in the same place be good? I was with my son who is on a business meeting here in Scottsdale and we were looking for some chinese food when we saw the name SumoMaya and decided to try it and, indeed, there was Japanese and Mexican food and it was good. I especially liked the interior. It wasn’t cheap though.

The front door.

See? Mexican and Japanese.

An interesting cocktail, sort of a mix between a Pimms and a Moscow Mule.

The bar.

I especially liked this tree which looked live but I suspect wasn’t as who wants leaves and sap dropping into their food?

Mexican Food in Paris!

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few places selling Mexican food in Paris. Not all of them are good although most have really striking Mexican interiors with lots of colors. I mostly save my Mexican food cravings for trips back to the States but I do try places here if I hear that they are good which was the case with Cafe Chilango. It’s not Tex-Mex but there are home made tortillas (soft) and very good fillings. My only complaint is the lack of salsa. A hot sauce in a bottle just doesn’t do it for me. No margaritas at lunch time either.

The simple front.

We started with guacamole.

Followed by the tacos, chicken and pork fillings. Very good.

Some Mexican decor.

I liked this too.


There is a very elegant Mexican restaurant in Austin called Fonda San Miguel and I love it. It’s like being in a beautiful place deep in Mexico and it doesn’t serve Tex-Mex but a very sophisticated menu from Central Mexico.

In the entry.

Hanging from the ceiling.

The view from the dining room.

Love these lights up above.

My meal of burritos made with filet minion. Maurice had smoked duck enchiladas. So good.

The entrance as we left. So beautiful.

Mexican Food

Can you get good Mexican food in Paris? Yes and no. I went to this place, Mexi and Co in the Latin Quarter because I heard the burritos were good. Mine was just okay but I loved the interior.

The chandelier made of bottles hanging amongst many other items.

They sell Mexican food products as you can see.

An informal place. I liked the flowers in an empty can of salsa.

I’ve always loved the bright colors used in Mexican decoration.

Mexican Food

Mexican food can be a hit or miss affair in Paris and I usually save that particular craving, along with barbeque, for when I’m back in Texas but I have found a fun place where I love the decor and the chicken nachos aren’t half bad called el Sol et la Lune (31 rue St Jacques). When I’m in the area I often stop here for a quick lunch and a margarita. I’m not sure if tourists would search this place out usually being there for the French food experience, but it’s fun and funky with Mexican music being played overhead and a nice lady who runs the place. The food is also South American, something I haven’t tried.

Some photos of the interior. Love the chandelier.