Views and Food

I met a friend up on Montmartre for breakfast one day at a place called the Hardware Société, owned and run by Australians from Melbourne. It was really good.

It was right around the corner and down a hill a bit from Sacre Coeur.

Where there was a very good harp player with speakers and taped background music.

The nice interior.

Beautiful and delicious french toast. I had yummy scrambled eggs.

I sat next to the window.

We had a beautiful day.

Isn’t this something? I saw it on Instagram and wondered how in the world they did it. I was standing below Sacre Couer and looked to my right and recognised the building, took the photo and then turned it so the hill looked flat. An optical illusion of sorts.


Montmartre by Night

Montmartre, high above Paris, is delightful by day, full of photo ops, but it’s even more enchanting by night. I thought it would be pretty deserted once the sun was set but there were people everywhere, probably because it was a very mild night.

img_2073 Tried to get an iconic shot of the stairs just lit by street lamps but they seemed too bright to me.

img_2075 The stairs in front of Sacre Coeur were packed with people and there was live music being played.

img_2080 A glimpse of the cathedral.

img_2088 I’ve seen photos of the restaurant all over Instagram. They were closing up when I was there.

img_2095 A pretty window of an old cinema surrounded by autumn leaves.

img_2101 Another iconic shot usually seen by day. I liked the atmosphere at night.

A Small Cemetery

I often stop by the Saint Vincent Cemetery, a very small cemetery up in Montmartre that is the final resting place for locals. I have to say that it is looking a bit shabby lately. It used to be pristine with no weeds and the trees all trimmed. In any case, the tombs look the same.

img_1866 It’s hard to make this out with the angle of the sun but this is the window in a “house” with the occupants, two married poets, looking out.

img_1867 All of the leaves on this tomb will be bright red in a few weeks.

img_1868 Artist, Utrillo and his mother, are buried here.

img_1869 This tomb is looking worn. Maybe the family isn’t around anymore to pay for upkeep.

img_1872 Maybe thoughts of cemeteries depress you so here is a photo to brighten your day. Loved the teeth.

This and That in Paris

This and That in Paris:

Metro entrance at Palais Royal made of hand blown Murano glass for the millennium.

Pyramid at the Louvre shining in the sun.

The pyramid was and is controversial but I do like how you can see the Louvre through the glass.

Most French eat their hamburgers with a knife and fork. The hamburgers cost about 20 Euros unless you go to Macdonalds.

A nice place in Montmartre that I want to try sometime.

This and That

A few photos taken in the Montmartre area.

It’s so nice when the sun comes out making it tempting to sit outside for a meal or a drink. It’s still a bit chilly for me to do so, plus, you never know if a smoker will light up beside you.

I had lunch with a friend in Montmartre and had a small pichet of wine. It’s house wine, not served from a bottle, and wine often comes in cute little pitchers like this, or a clear glass carafe.

We shared a profiterole, possible the best French dessert there is-a cream puff pastry, ice cream and hot fudge. Yum.

The restaurant was practically empty with available tables all over the place and still this guy chose to sit next to us. I thought maybe he was going to do a bit of flirting but he kept quiet reading his paper. He was drinking calvados (an apple liquor) over ice.


I took my grandson up to Montmartre as most young people love it. It wasn’t as lively as it usually is. I hope they liked it.

The colourful Lapin Agile Caberet on a corner as you climb the hill.

The sun came out as we climbed the hill and shone on these white buildings.

Picturesque water tower.

Sacre Coeur on the very top of the hill.

We had a good view of the Eiffel Tower down below.