Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris can be gray and rainy but there are always Spring flowers, mostly pink. The pink flowers attract my attention the most as they are usually on trees.

This tree and the unusual structure behind it were on Promenade Plantée.

Also on Promenade Plantée, nature’s confetti. Just like in Autumn, trees really make a mess. I’m not sure what that lady on her hands and knees was doing. I think the camel pose in yoga.

This tree was on the side of the Hotel de Ville. They have a garden there that is supposed to be open to the public but I’ve never seen the gate open.

On the side of Notre Dame. They have great landscaping on one side and the back.

Here’s a view from across the Seine.

The Neighborhood of Notre Dame

The area around Notre Dame is called the Latin Quarter and it is interesting to walk around and look.

Notre Dame from behind where you can see the famous flying buttresses. No blue skies on this day.

A bouquiniste selling mostly things for tourists but magazines and books too. The sellers have an interesting life being outside all of the time.

A nearby hotel as you can tell by the name. I’m just a fan of the door.

Further down the Seine, another view of Notre Dame with a statue of Saint Genevieve, the patron Saint of Paris who saved Paris from an invasion of Atilla and his huns with her prayers.

This rather uninteresting building is along the Seine with the view in the photo above. It is made to look like a police station in a French TV show called Profilage. I just wanted to have a look at it since I watch the show about a rather crazy, emotionally fragile woman who helps the police solve crimes. I’ve seen it in a movie or two as well.

Notre Dame

We had lunch the other day on Île Saint Louis, the island right behind Notre Dame, and afterwards we made a stop inside. It doesn’t change but is always moving.

img_1892 Joan of Arc, found in every French church, was burned at the stake when she was 19.

img_1893 The famous Rose Window with it’s original glass.

img_1896  One side chapel is devoted to the Virgin of Guadeloupe, a Mexican Virgin Mary. This is the most visited and there are always flowers, candles and people. The flags of Mexico and Spain are there too.

img_1900 The area around Notre Dame is packed with tourist shops and places like this named after characters in Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. They were considering tearing down Notre Dame when he wrote his book which became wildly famous and brought many tourists to visit so they saved it and just did repairs on the damage done during the Revolution.

Wisteria in Paris

I love wisteria, the sweet fragrance, that fabulous purple. In the past I have found some great vines in Paris so, on a very pretty day, I set out to where I had found it before. I only found a few rather sickly blooms. I guess this is one of those years where they aren’t doing well. It happens. In any case, being around Notre Dame, I enjoyed what I did find.

I found pink flowers blooming on a chestnut tree in front of Notre Dame.

This restaurant, Au Vieux Paris, right around the corner can have wonderful flowers on that wisteria vine but not this time. It’s a colourful place in any case.

This was in a window of a kitchen at the back of a restaurant seen from outside.

I love this sign.

I’ve never eaten there but it does look tempting.

Spring Around Notre Dame

I made it outside into the sunshine looking for flowering trees in Paris, hoping I hadn’t missed it all while visiting in the States.

I found this pink flowered tree next to Notre Dame. I think this is a cherry tree.

Across the street from Notre Dame is this interesting building. I’m always attracted to the architecture here.

And I like this street next to it. I imagine all sorts of areas like this were torn down by Haussmann when he put in the wide boulevards. I’m glad he skipped this area.

A Woody Allen Film is showing in Paris. I think his films come to Europe before the States now. I plan to go see it. I usually like his movies.

There are many bouquinistes along the Seine near Notre Dame. They once just sold books but many now also sell things for tourists.


My grandson and his friend were here for a short time in Paris and I got to take them around Paris, when they weren’t busy doing something else that is. Walking around with one’s grandmother isn’t that exciting but at least I do live in Paris which isn’t too shabby.

It was mostly gray but the sun came out as we went behind Notre Dame.

We went to the Louvre Museum and I took them to see the sumptuous Apollo Room.

The impressive Winged Victory.

We fought our way through the crowd to see the Mona Lisa.

Here’s Mercury, the messenger god, now the symbol of FTD flower delivery business.