The Sun Came Out

Paris can be very cloudy, gray and rainy in the winter and spring and it certainly has been recently. It’s such a treat to get out and see some blue sky.

The Louvre Museum seen across the Seine.

I’m always taken with open windows.

Daffodils are blooming.

A Statue of Louis XIV shining in the sun on Place des Victories. It’s a lovely square with the buildings all rounded inward which now house upscale shops where houses once were.

Back in Paris

I wrote this as my first post when I got back to Paris and then, somehow, forgot to actually post it. Since I went to the trouble of writing it, here it is, a bit late.

I didn’t really make it out of our apartment for almost a week after returning to Paris. A few mornings I slept until 11 AM, unheard of for me, and then I got a cold on top of it. Paris got very cold so I pretty much hibernated.

I did bundle up late one morning for a walk on Promenade Plante√© and the sun came out ¬†lighting up this building, actually a police station, which has two unusual lines of these statues, copies of The Dying Slave by Michelangelo, although with a triangle in the torsos. I’ve never found out the reason for this decoration but I’m guessing it’s just modern art.

My first day out I headed to Palais Royal, one of my favourite places. It was on a Sunday so it was packed with visitors, locals and tourists alike.

A couple posing for wedding photos. I’m glad she had that little jacket because although sunny, it was cold.

Interesting clothing.

A look at the beautiful architecture.


This and That in Paris

This and That in Paris:

Metro entrance at Palais Royal made of hand blown Murano glass for the millennium.

Pyramid at the Louvre shining in the sun.

The pyramid was and is controversial but I do like how you can see the Louvre through the glass.

Most French eat their hamburgers with a knife and fork. The hamburgers cost about 20 Euros unless you go to Macdonalds.

A nice place in Montmartre that I want to try sometime.

Palais Royal in the Sun

On a beautiful day Palais Royal was full of people, like this lady with her bike.

The tulips are doing their thing.

Everyone was taking in the sun, except me who stays in the shade as much as possible.

The trees are now covered in green leaves.

Here and There

Some more photos from around the Palais Royal.

There was some art in the garden, several sets of chairs facing each other, joined together with an object between them. It was an apple in this case. There was also poetry on each one too.

Steps leading up to the street.

There is a swanky men’s shoe store and this shoe sitting on a counter caught my eye.

There were two men there trying to choose between shoes, at least I think they were.

A beautiful scarf for sale in Passage Vivienne.

Palais Royal

Some more photos of one of my favourite places in Paris, the Palais Royal.

The columns by Daniel Buren.

There are two of these fountains there. If the water is flowing some of the balls move.

I was there on a Saturday and the place was packed with tour groups, two of them being bike tours. A lady stopped to take photos and I got the unusual bike in front of the column.

The trees there are lined up like soldiers and trimmed to rectangle shapes. It won’t be long until they are green.