Behind Palais Royal

Behind my favorite Palais Royal is an interesting area.

A restaurant with a special entrance for the actors in the theatres nearby.

A sort of secret passageway leading to the street.

A painting on a toy store. I took the photo because it looks like my cat, Elliot.

I like these brown chairs, and the guys in the background are wearing brown coats.

Sun Lovers

We had a fabulous sunny day in Paris. Here are some more photos around the Palais Royal, one of my favorite places for photos.

This restaurant is at the entrance to the Palais Royal. If you saw the rather ordinary movie called The Tourist, the movie opens with the character played by Angelina Jolie sitting here at a table outside.

The fountain/pond in the middle of the gardens. All the chairs were full of people sitting in the sun, a favorite thing of Parisians when the sun comes out.

The Grand Vefour, a famous restaurant in the Palais Royal. I wanted a photo of the flowers inside and had my camera up when a waiter stuck his head around the door. He invited me in to take a photo if I wanted. Colette and Napoleon both ate here in past times.

The sun shining through the columns there.

Spring Has Sprung

I took a quick walk into Palais Royal with a friend and had a wonderful surprise as we rounded a corner and saw all sorts of color.

Pink tulip trees were in bloom.

I loved the bright pink against the blue sky.

Purple hyacinths were in bloom and the fragrance was fabulous. Can you see the butterfly? I didn’t when I took this photo.

This girl in her go go boots was blooming too. She was having her photo taken by what looked like a professional photographer. The men were salivating all over the place.

The Sun Came Out!

Paris doesn’t get a lot of sun and this winter has been very gray and wet so there is a lot of joy when the clouds break and those golden rays rain down.

An entrance at the back of Palais Royal with the sun streaming in. There is all sorts of work going on in the front section of the Palais Royal, mostly to some conceptual art found there, and a walk around the outside is required right now to get in. I hope it is done soon.

Not grass, no leaves but the branches and the sun provide some beauty.

A man catching some rays in a rare sunny moment.

This was a funny little lady, so well dressed, walking her dog in the Palais Royal. She was trying to sweet talk her dog into leaving the park with her but the dog, as you can see, didn’t want to.

Palais Royal

It’s hard to beat the Palas Royal for photos. I go there all of the time.

I was disappointed this time when I walked into the interior courtyard and found the conceptual art there surrounded by a wooden fence for work. They were kind enough, however, to put in windows covered with different colors of plastic. They gave some spectacular photos-like a Hawaiin sunset.

The garden there had these unusual sunflowers. I’ve seen fields of the same variety in Provence.

On the edge of life.

Love the silver balls in the fountain.

Palais Royal

Across Rue de Rivoli leaving the Louvre Museum, is the lovely Palais Royal. I go there all of the time which you will already know if you have been reading this blog for any length of time. At Christmas they put a Christmas tree(undecorated) on every column of the covered passage ways and roll out a red carpet.

I’ve taken so many photos of the fountains there. These silver balls always reflect the columns of the Palais Royal and the balls themselves. Very Christmassy. One of these days I’m going to buy a blow up Santa Claus and situate him so he is reflected in these balls and use the photo for a Christmas card.

There is the typical round fountain in the gardens of the Palais Royal and there are often modern sculptures placed here and there, different every month or so. This artist did groups of people he called Waiting and he also stuck a few of the upper torsos in the pond.

They lock up the Palais Royal at night by closing these gold topped gates. Pretty elegant place.

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