On The Streets of Paris

Reflection of some Parisian buildings in a puddle on the street.

Wouldn’t you like to live here? I would.

You can find flowers for sale on just about any street in Paris.

Ready for business.

With a Smart car you can park just about any place you want.

A Walk on the West Side

The west side of Paris. I don’t often get over to that part of the city unless you count the Eiffel Tower or Tracadero. I was there near the Javel metro stop and it was a beautiful day with sunshine.

A river goddess on the Mirabeau bridge. Actually I read that the figures represent ships.

The other side of the Mirabeau bridge. I love the colors.

Heading up the Seine, you reach the Grenelle Bridge where you will find a replica of the Statue of Liberty standing there to surprise you.

Keep going and you finally reach the Eiffel Tower. As you can see, the leaves are just starting to change. Chestnuts are falling to the ground, always a sign that school has started.

Blue In Paris

The Eiffel Tower is lit up in blue for six months in Paris right now. It’s to celebrate France being head of the European Union during this time. I’ve seen the tower red too. It’s always fun to find it lit up in another color. No matter what color is chosen, it is always spectacular.

From the foot of Tracadero before the sparkling lights start on the hour.

The lights are sparkling and there is a reflection on the roof of the car.


A view to give an idea of how immense the tower is. It is always a surprise.

Neighborhood Brocante

A few things that I saw in a brocante in my neighborhood (the 12th arrondissement) in Paris.

I have no need for something like these lovely cups and saucers but I sure do like them.

A view of the brocante.

I’m not sure where I could put this screen but I wouldn’t mind having one.

I think this is a little container to hold salt. I thought it was really cute.

Sort of a strange plate. What would you use it for? Maybe put some real eggs on it?

I was tempted to buy this little vase with Napoleon and Josephine painted on it but decided I didn’t need something else to dust.

I really liked this chair. When you sat on it, it sank a little making it very comfortable. I just love the way it looks. I would love it in my yard in Provence. Two problems, though–how would I get them from Paris to Provence and I would have had to buy four of them at the cost of 1800 Euros. Oh well.

Sideroads of Europe

Scenes From The River

It is really interesting to see Paris from a boat on the river. It gives you a different perspective and you can see things you might miss on foot at the same level. There is a boat called the Batobus which you can take from site to site along the river.

The Orsay Museum which started life as a train station. I’m glad it wasn’t torn down when they stopped using it. They just cleaned it too so it looks all spotless in the sun.

As we pass under this bridge you can see all of the other bridges lined up further down the river.

The Louvre Museum

Notre Dame

Probably some of the most expensive real estate in Paris-a place on Ile St Louis.

For Those Foodies Out There

Paris is famous for its food, especially its pastries so here are a few photos of some things that looked really good to me, most on rue Montorguile.

I think this is some sort of apple tart (photo through a window). 12 Euros-not a bad price for a whole tart.

A little something to take home for lunch or dinner so you don’t have to cook-found at Stoher’s.

All you need for a dish of ratatouille. I like that all of them are perfect, without one blemish.

I love merengues but they sure are messy.

Rose flavored merengues with tiny roses on top.

I have got to find out what these are. I love the cute little piggy shapes. They are a pastry. Maybe you just feel like a cochon if you eat one.