We are now in Provence. Our house has been closed since November and sitting in the cold winter without any heating on. To say it was cold when we walked in doesn’t begin to describe it. We turned on the heater, kept our coats on for a couple of hours, started a fire and I even turned on a little electric floor heater that I have and kept it aimed at my feet all evening. I even took it to the bed to see if I could warm it up but it kept shutting down under the covers-probably a good thing. The weather isn’t too bad here right now-in the 50’s or so during the day but it is definitely nippy at night. I have lots to do, mostly housework and pulling weeds and haven’t been out with my camera as yet so I am posting some photos of an interesting part of Paris called Bercy.

We often go to movies here at a place called Cour St Emillion. It is mostly chains stores and places to eat. It used to be the major storage and shipping facility for wine in Paris being near the Seine. They tore down everything which is probably a shame and built a huge park and this area. It’s always really nicely decorated at Christmas.

Another shot from the outside probably following the line of the buildings that were once here.

They have left some of the old railroad tracks around that, while interesting to see, are murder on the ankles if you step wrong.

Nearby is the Bercy Entertainment complex. We’ve seen tennis here before and it is where performers like Madonna perform as it holds a lot of people. I think it is rather strange looking with grass growing up the sides. I’m told that they have to have some sort of special lawnmower to cut the grass, plus they have to water it. What were they thinking?

Some interesting metal sculpture in the park.

Large areas of water are in the park.

The park is split in two by a major road so there are two large bridges which span it and connect the two sides.

Sideroads of Europe

Before I Leave

Maurice and I head off for Provence today. I’m not sure when we will be back in Paris. Maybe not until winter. Here are a few photos I took here and there yesterday. I have a new computer without photoshop so I am using a new program I am not familiar with so I am fussing with the photos. I’m so bad at learning new things.

This “suitcase” is covering the renovation of a shop. Right across the street is the original store which sells luggage and other sorts of things for traveling. It has been in business for years and is on rue St Honore and it is not the sort of place I can afford to buy anything.

A closeup of the latch. Doesn’t it look like the real thing?

This photo is rather dark but can you see the angels around this window? It was in the St Roch Cathedral, also on rue St Honore.

Would you believe that this is the ceiling in a Starbucks cafe? It is near the Garnier Opera House.

This is a bistro not too far from where we live. I love the ambience here. I think it looks like a scene in a French movie. It’s called Chez Prosper. There is a framed record on the wall with the title of Chez Prosper. I have no idea what the song is about.

Here is the floor-I like it too. Once, last autumn, they had tied up huge braches of trees with yellow leaves still on them and there were dried leaves all over the floor. It was so cool looking. They have good salads here too, by the way.

Sideroads of Europe

I Heart Paris Again

More Valentine’s Day Windows

The Laduree Tea Shop always has fabulous windows. I wouldn’t mind having this bag or that candle if I had any thing at all pink in my place, which I don’t.

Aren’t these boxes sweet? I wonder if these are heart shaped macarons?

An interesting shop selling caviar. I don’t know if I’d want one of these for Valentine’s Day but I like the lid.

Aren’t these a pretty color? They are in an interesting Japanese tea shop. I’ve never been inside but these tempt me to try it.

La Madaleine church set in the middle of a circle of very interesting high end shops.

Sideroads of Europe

I Heart Paris

A few more windows to get your heart ready for Valentine’s Day

This butterfly is in the window of a flower shop said to be the most expensive in Paris.

This is for sale at the little shop whose card you can see. She sells very unusual placemats, some in the shapes of flowers.

I’m not sure what these little figures are for but aren’t they darling?

Aren’t these sweet? I rather like those two rabbits.

Two hearts in the Bacarat window

Sideroads of Europe


As in the States, I am starting to see windows decorated around Paris in the Valentine’s Day theme.

Doves are always considered romantic and here are two live ones in the window of a flower shop. They didn’t seem too freaked out by people looking in at them.

This heart hung in the same window. I wonder if the window decorator had hopes of the doves sitting inside it together?

I would love to receive some chocolate covered cherries for Valentine’s Day but these will do just fine. Would you believe they came all the way from Chili to a Paris market? They were crisp and tasty but, as you might expect, nothing compares to the ones I have in Provence right off the tree. Can’t wait for those again this summer.

Sideroads of Europe