Before I Leave

Maurice and I head off for Provence today. I’m not sure when we will be back in Paris. Maybe not until winter. Here are a few photos I took here and there yesterday. I have a new computer without photoshop so I am using a new program I am not familiar with so I am fussing with the photos. I’m so bad at learning new things.

This “suitcase” is covering the renovation of a shop. Right across the street is the original store which sells luggage and other sorts of things for traveling. It has been in business for years and is on rue St Honore and it is not the sort of place I can afford to buy anything.

A closeup of the latch. Doesn’t it look like the real thing?

This photo is rather dark but can you see the angels around this window? It was in the St Roch Cathedral, also on rue St Honore.

Would you believe that this is the ceiling in a Starbucks cafe? It is near the Garnier Opera House.

This is a bistro not too far from where we live. I love the ambience here. I think it looks like a scene in a French movie. It’s called Chez Prosper. There is a framed record on the wall with the title of Chez Prosper. I have no idea what the song is about.

Here is the floor-I like it too. Once, last autumn, they had tied up huge braches of trees with yellow leaves still on them and there were dried leaves all over the floor. It was so cool looking. They have good salads here too, by the way.

Sideroads of Europe

I Heart Paris Again

More Valentine’s Day Windows

The Laduree Tea Shop always has fabulous windows. I wouldn’t mind having this bag or that candle if I had any thing at all pink in my place, which I don’t.

Aren’t these boxes sweet? I wonder if these are heart shaped macarons?

An interesting shop selling caviar. I don’t know if I’d want one of these for Valentine’s Day but I like the lid.

Aren’t these a pretty color? They are in an interesting Japanese tea shop. I’ve never been inside but these tempt me to try it.

La Madaleine church set in the middle of a circle of very interesting high end shops.

Sideroads of Europe

I Heart Paris

A few more windows to get your heart ready for Valentine’s Day

This butterfly is in the window of a flower shop said to be the most expensive in Paris.

This is for sale at the little shop whose card you can see. She sells very unusual placemats, some in the shapes of flowers.

I’m not sure what these little figures are for but aren’t they darling?

Aren’t these sweet? I rather like those two rabbits.

Two hearts in the Bacarat window

Sideroads of Europe


As in the States, I am starting to see windows decorated around Paris in the Valentine’s Day theme.

Doves are always considered romantic and here are two live ones in the window of a flower shop. They didn’t seem too freaked out by people looking in at them.

This heart hung in the same window. I wonder if the window decorator had hopes of the doves sitting inside it together?

I would love to receive some chocolate covered cherries for Valentine’s Day but these will do just fine. Would you believe they came all the way from Chili to a Paris market? They were crisp and tasty but, as you might expect, nothing compares to the ones I have in Provence right off the tree. Can’t wait for those again this summer.

Sideroads of Europe

It’s Almost Here!!

Look at what I spotted yesterday in the park! It gives me hope that Spring is on its way.

We woke up to a gorgeous blue sky and Maurice decided to jog so I rented one of those bikes now for rent all over Paris and set out too. It was a little chilly but because the sun was shining it was a joy to be outside.

Maurice took this photo of me. I look like I’m talking because I was. He always takes a photo, and then keeps pressing the shutter button so I end up with 5 or 6 bad photos of me. First I’m smiling, then my smile is getting stiff, the third photo you see me looking irritated and finally I am striding towards him to take the camera out of his hands. Look at the warm up suit I am wearing. I think I bought this one sometime in the 80’s when wildly, brightly colors were worn by tennis players everywhere. I got lots of looks as people passed by. They were either thinking, “Wow, what great colors!” or “What the hell is she wearing?” I’m thinking the latter.

We headed towards the Bois de Vincennes which is criss-crossed with jogging paths, bike circles and horse trails.

Here is a look at one of the jogging paths. I moved here to Paris a few months after that huge storm when a high wind blew down thousands of trees all over France. There were trees and logs lying all over this park for several years. They finally got it all cleaned up.

In one section of the park they were doing bridal photos.

Then we went back home and, man, are my knees killing me. I am really out of shape.

Sideroads of Europe

A Mix

This may be mosaic, but it is also grafitti. I’ve seen this cow several places around Paris as well as a Pac Man and one that is just sort of abstract. I am guessing that they made it at home and then, late one night, came and plastered it to a wall.


Aren’t these cute? Little models with their clothing made of all sorts of seeds. They are antiques in a shop that I never enter. I just look in the window.

This is the famous obelisk in St Sulpice Church now heavily visited thanks to the book, The Da Vinci Code. I’ve always had trouble getting a good photo as the church is dark but on this day the sun was shining right on it.

I was tagged by Fleur at Frangible Pie to write seven weird things about myself. I’m really bad at that sort of thing, mainly because I’m really very ordinary. I think the more interesting a person you are, the more weird things you might possible do. I made a list once before a while ago so I’m sure these will be repeats. So, let’s see…

I once read a book while driving 100 miles on a highway between Tucson and Phoenix due to the shear boredom of the drive. The road only curves twice the whole way.

I am a very impatient driver who used to speed like crazy and had to break the habit which took me forever. I think breaking the smoking habit wouldn’t be as hard, at least not for me.

I love photography but the doing of it came to me late really, when I moved to Paris and got a digital camera. The only time I feel artistic is when I am taking photos.

I do not have that creative gene for crafts or decorating. I love looking at decorating magazines and blogs of creative people but none of it ever transfers.

I often will watch the Fashion Network. The models and the clothing fascinate me but I am the least fashionable person perhaps in all of France. I think part of it is that I am cheap and don’t buy the good stuff that looks great.

I would rather travel than buy expensive clothing. Is that weird? I don’t think so. Normal for me.

I moved to France with my husband without giving it much thought. It was just an adventure. Now I’m feeling guilty about missing seeing my grandchildren as much as I feel like I should. I don’t know if that is weird either, just different as life took me on this path.

And finally, in this grab bag of a posting, I was “awarded” this:


by the interesting blog of Tea With Mrs. Fox
I’m supposed to nominate others but I haven’t the time today. I think all of the blogs I read are excellent in many different ways. Anyway, thank you for the award.

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