On Rue Montorgueil

I love to walk down Rue Montorgueil in Paris. It’s very lively and full of restaurants and shops which are constantly changing. There’s always at least one new one each time I go, although old standards remain.

All of the streets in the area are paved like this.

One of the old places that still remains. I had lunch one time with a friend on the second floor and it was very good.

┬áStohrers has been around since 1730 when the baker came to France with Marie Antoinette. It’s always winning awards for its pastries. This year it won for their chocolate eclairs. They also sell meals to go.

Don’t these look incredible? Cherries made with almond paste for sale at Storers.

The eclairs don’t look too bad either. It’s very hard to find any with vanilla creme inside like the States. They usually have chocolate creme although these come in a variety of flavors.


Three Days, Two Nights

We had a chance to be with friends for a short time (Two nights, three days) in Venice. It’s not long enough but no way was I turning it down. As always, it was fabulous.

Of course I took photos of many canals and bridges.

Obligatory shot of gondolas with their blue tarps.

One of several Spritzs made of Aperol, an orange liquor, Proseco and a bit of carbonated water. So pretty, so tasty, and such a part of Italy.

I’m usually not a fan of Italian pastries but these were exceptionally light and tender and, of course, chocolate.

The only bridge in Venice with three arches.

Madonnas are everywhere and I thought this one was especially charming, especially with the flowers.

Another madonna on the corner of a wall.


The 16th Arrondissement of Paris is a posh area, full of wealth and grandiose architecture. After a visit to the Palais Galliera I strolled around a bit having a look.

The windows of this patisserie held jewel like desserts. This one looked like it was made of gray suede cloth. I forgot to find out what was inside and how they came up with that color.

This was a lemon tart. Yum.

A swanky florist.

Loved these flowers.

I just liked this statue with the pigeon sitting on his outstretched arm.

Turkish Pastry

There is a really pretty patiserie in Paris called Masmoudi selling Turkish pastry. I happened upon it in the Latin Quarter.

Over the door.

Not your usual door handle.

The beautiful ceiling looking like something from Morocco.

A tray of goodies which seemed to mostly to be made of almond paste.

Pretty tagine dish.

A closeup of some of the pastries.