I’ve been hearing a lot lately about an exhibit of Dior, the famous French clothing designer. There were lines waiting to enter, even if you had gotten a ticket for a reserved time online which I had. Some people, even with a ticket, had to wait an hour before entering. It’s getting near to the time when the exhibit is ending and maybe there are fewer people because I arrived early and was let in 20 minutes before my reserved time. The museum, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, was packed with people, and some areas were way to small to see things but it was still worth the time. He was indeed an artistic genius, as were the people who took his place when he died. I’m not a very fashionable person, but I do love looking at beautiful clothing.

I don’t know if this was done by some bored person waiting to enter the exhibit or not but I rather liked it. It was right by the entrance.

This was at the top of the stairs leading into the exhibit. It was done in lights.

I’m watching the TV series, The Crown, so this photo of Princess Margaret wearing a Dior gown on her 21st birthday caught my eye.

Dior loved the form of flowers, and the form of women as well, and many of his designs centered in some way with flowers. One of the exhibit rooms had the whole ceiling covered with flowers. All of the rooms were lovely and the clothing and other items were displayed beautifully and creatively.

A huge display in the last room with golden sparkle lights adding to the feeling.

He did perfume too. Isn’t this display pretty?

A look at some of the bottles of perfume done through the years. My favourite perfume is by Dior called J’adore. Such a lovely fragrance.

Left Bank

I revisited many places that I know since it was such a pretty day to walk around last week.

There are quite a few shops in Paris where you can mix your own perfume. I like the exterior of this shop.

The centre of Place de Furstemberg. A very pretty area.

Saint Germain des Pres Church looking lovely in the light.

Inside the church is this statue of Saint Anthony covered with graffiti. I’m surprised it hasn’t been stopped. Most of it is prayers, but not all.

Flowers and Frocks

I went to an exhibit of clothing by the famous Lanvin at the Galleria Museum the other day. Since I exited at the Georges V exit on line one I made my usual quick stop at the George V Hotel for a look at the flowers.

Spring tulips at the George V.

The museum is in a beautiful building as are most museums here in Paris.

Jeanne Lanvin started her career when women wanted copies of the clothing she was making for her daughter. The clothing was beautifully presented mostly in trays and reflected into mirrors. This one wasn’t and I liked seeing it in the painting of a lady who once wore it. Lanvin was also famous for her perfumes, My Sin and Arpege. I think my mother had a bottle of Arpege once.

I also passed the Louis Vuitton store while in the area. I don’t know if they now sell matches inside with the famous logo on them but it’s pretty much all I could afford to buy there.

Bon, Tres Bon

There is a show on French TV about restaurants and food in, mostly, Paris called Bon, Tres Bon. They take a hidden movie camera into a restaurant and show you the food and then grade it with Tres Bon being the best. This last Sunday they also did a little feature on kebabs which I seldom have because I’m not sure what that meat is they are shaving off of that big hunk in front of a grill, although I used to eat them often in New York City. Anyway, they mentioned a sort of gourmet kebab place called la Grillé (15 rue Saint-Augustin) where that big slab of meat is compressed beef that has been marinated and it looked very tasty so I talked my friend, Barbara, into trying one with me. It was very good-not only the meat, but the homemade flat bread they rolled the meat into to.

Looks like your regular kebab place.

It was as good as it looks. The fries were made in house too.

Not far up the street (and it was a very interesting and lovely street) was a little store selling bow ties along with perfume and soap. It was called Oriza L.Legrand and was fun to poke around in while inhaling the lovely fragrance in the store.

I like nicely decorated spaces in small shops.

The soaps there.

A resident cat who could be bothered to wake up and greet us.