The Sun Came Out

Paris can be very cloudy, gray and rainy in the winter and spring and it certainly has been recently. It’s such a treat to get out and see some blue sky.

The Louvre Museum seen across the Seine.

I’m always taken with open windows.

Daffodils are blooming.

A Statue of Louis XIV shining in the sun on Place des Victories. It’s a lovely square with the buildings all rounded inward which now house upscale shops where houses once were.

Around Palais Royal

It was a beautiful sunny day in Paris and a pleasure to walk around the area of Palais Royal.

I love this open space in front of a church where you can get a good look at the architecture of the buildings in the neighborhood from a distance.

I popped into the Notre Dame des Victoires. This a statue of Saint Therese, a French born nun very popular in France.

The gorgeous Place des Victoires has this great statue of Louis XIV.

There is a great view of the back of Palais Royal from this newly opened Pain Quotidian.

A view of the fountain in the distance with roses in the foreground at Palais Royal.

In and Out

A little more from inside Passage (or Galerie) Vivienne and outside.

Inviting entrance.

They’ve kept the lovely old wooden doors and windows for the shops there.

One of these days I’m going to have a glass of wine and some munchies here.

Just out the exit from Passage Vivienne is Place des Victoires, beautiful in its own right.