This and That

This and that seen in the Marais.

I’m very attracted to this small shop in the Marais selling a variety of food. I always stop in just to smell the fresh spices for sale.

It’s called Israel. It also sells these condiments. After I took this photo I was told no photos were allowed. I’m always puzzled by this. I would think they would like the free advertisement.

The elegant Place des Vosges.

There are often artists selling their art here, sometimes musicians and, as you might see at the end there, someone has set up a tent.

A water color in progress.

Three ladies on a bench checking their email. I’m guessing they were American.

le Marais

The Marais, a very interesting and ancient area of Paris, is just a short distance by metro from our apartment.

The entrance to the Hotel de Sully, once a mansion.

Part of the courtyard behind the mansion.

Continue on through the courtyard to the back door in the garden and you enter the Place des Vosges with it’s fabulous architecture.

A waiter taking a cigarette break on the street.

A view down a street of the Saint Paul Saint Louis Church in the winter light.

Here it is up close. Lovely architecture.


I went out looking for Halloween in some form, decorations or costumes, in the Marais district of Paris which can be very lively but only saw a couple of children dressed up. I did see some great light though.

img_2160 Place des Vosges looked great as usual.

img_2158 This is one place that allows people to sit on the grass as many people did in the sunshine.

img_2161 Don’t the leave look pretty underneath? It’s because the trees are trimmed into square shapes every year.

img_2168 Another pretty shot at Lake Daumesnil.

img_2179 I walked over to Notre Dame and got a shot of it in the setting sun. I was in the wrong place for a sunset though and after walking over seven miles that day, I went home instead of finding a place to photograph it.


The other evening we joined some friends at a restaurant that had a charming interior but the food was very disappointing. I hate when that happens. It even had good reviews on Trip Advisor. Go figure. (le Gorille Blanc, if you want the name.)

See? Isn’t that pretty?

A very inviting ambience.

Isn’t this window selling kids clothing cute? It was in the Marais close to where we ate.

We walked over to Place des Vosges looking pretty at night.

The park there was closed for the night.

Further On

Continuing on with my walk with friends we saw some interesting shops and buildings.

The Dammann Tea Store in the Place des Vosges in a lovely one and smells fabulous when you enter.

Little containers of the different teas that you can smell to help you make a selection. I got some very good Chai Tea.

This lady getting the tea I bought ready to take home.

This building used to be a nunnery and is now a French history library.

The reading room. Wow, right?

Victor Hugo

In the beautiful Place des Vosges found in the Marais…

you will find the Victor Hugo Museum which is where the famous French author once actually lived.

He’s probably one of France’s most famous authors and wrote Hunchback of Notre Dame which became so popular that it shamed the government into renovated the badly damaged Notre Dame.

This room in full out oriental style was brought back from his home in Guernsey where he lived in exile for almost twenty years being against Napoleon III. Guernsey was, and still is, an English island right off the coast of France. He also designed a lot of the furniture and even made some of it.

A corner of a sort of desk which Hugo designed with signed letters from him and three other authors. Very unusual. He had it made to raise money for a school and ended up buying it himself.

A famous painting of him. When he died his coffin was set up under the Arc de Triomphe and two million people were in the funeral procession. He was, and is, probably the most famous French author ever to live, especially in France.

His bedroom done in opulent red. The ceilings in the apartment were wall papered as well and the bedroom had a tapestry on the ceiling.

He had quite an incredible view from his apartment of the park in the center of Place des Vosges. In the spring and summer you don’t get as good a view because the trees block it. When he lived here, there were only flower beds.