Hugo and Victor

I’m not sure when Printemps, one of those famous giant Parisian department stores, was renovated. I did notice a new interior at Christmas but didn’t really explore it much.

I went in to look when I noticed the scaffolding was down on the exterior. It could have happened months ago but I just noticed.

Pretty display on the ceiling at one of the entrances.

My eye was caught by the name, Hugo and Victor, making me think of the famous French author Victor Hugo. Their logo was a bit like Louis Vuitton too. They sold chocolate and had a cute cafe downstairs.

You can see it down below from a “skywalk”.

Other side. I would have tried something there if I hadn’t just eaten.

View of the escalators from the lower floor. Very futuristic looking.

Christmas Lights

I really had to make myself get out after dark to get some Christmas photos. I don’t know why I don’t realize how great it is once I arrive. I guess it’s just hard to leave a warm apartment especially if I’ve already been out during the day. On this night, I headed to the giant departments stores, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette which are always impressive.

Printemps lights were really outstanding.

Cute windows for the kids. Prada was also a part of it.

Galeries Lafayette has the most outstanding Christmas tree under that fabulous dome.

I went to the top of Printemps hoping to get outside on their terrace for photos. They wouldn’t let me as it was dark. I hope to see the Eiffel Tower too but fog had descended and it couldn’t be seen. I took this photo of la Madaleine church in the distance.

This is the church again-the colors changed as you watched. There are lights shining upwards on the side of the church but with this street light in the position it’s in in my photo, it looks like a celestial light shining down-or maybe a space ship.

One more shot. So pretty.

Up Above

Printemps, a department store right next to Galeries Lafayette, has some pretty spectacular views from the top.

Here it is from across the street.

A reflection on the windows behind the store.

It was a gray, rainy day which made it unpleasant out on the roof but I still like seeing the Eiffel Tower, even without blue skies.

La Madeleine Church.

Sections of the store in the photo showing the Garnier Opera House in the distance.

A closer look.

Inside the store, in another section, you can have lunch under this fabulous glass dome.