Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris can be gray and rainy but there are always Spring flowers, mostly pink. The pink flowers attract my attention the most as they are usually on trees.

This tree and the unusual structure behind it were on Promenade Plantée.

Also on Promenade Plantée, nature’s confetti. Just like in Autumn, trees really make a mess. I’m not sure what that lady on her hands and knees was doing. I think the camel pose in yoga.

This tree was on the side of the Hotel de Ville. They have a garden there that is supposed to be open to the public but I’ve never seen the gate open.

On the side of Notre Dame. They have great landscaping on one side and the back.

Here’s a view from across the Seine.

A Pretty Walk

I love to get outside and walk when the temperatures are cool and fall in in the air and golden leaves are everywhere. These photos were taken on the Promenade Planteé near our apartment building in early November.

img_2041 There had been a rain the night before and a lot of leaves came down.

img_2043 So nice to have this view as you walk along.


There are very few flowers on the walk except for rose bushes so it was a delight to see these seasonal mums.

img_2047 The grass is green for a little longer.

img_2048 I loved the yellow leave behind this statue.

Nice Day for a Walk

I try to do a walk every day, sometimes a bit of running, and I usually head to nearby Promenade Plantée as there are tree lined paths, rose bushes and flowers. It’s especially nice if it’s a sunny day. Some times there are so many joggers that it’s crowded even early in the day. Anyway, here are a few photos I took on my last time there.

There are some nice apartment buildings along the path as well as good views of older buildings in the area.

The sun always does good things with architecture.

This bridge crosses over a nice expanse of grass below.

Here’s the grass area. Doesn’t it look green and inviting?


I was gone quite a while visiting friends and family in the States and, of course, while it was great, it was wonderful getting home.

I arrived in the morning and after unpacking and taking a much needed nap, Maurice and I went for a walk on Promenade Plantée. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and, as you can see, we weren’t the only ones out enjoying the day.

I think I missed the wisteria but the iris was in bloom.

As were the rhododendron.

I’m not sure what these little flowers were but they sure caught my eye. Ah, Spring in Paris.

After The Gray

I was out the other morning doing some speed walking and was just blown away by the blue sky. It has been gray here for weeks and it is such a spirit lifter to finally see that blue. Of course, since I wrote this the gray skies are back, the temperatures are in the 30’s and snow is expected this weekend.

As usual when I am exercising, I was at Promenade Plantee. This is a bridge that goes over a large expanse of grass where, in the summer, people get out in the sun.

There’s one area where they are always doing artistic looking things, this time with wood.

The promenade takes you between these two buildings which I like the look of.

I’m always taking photos of this police station with the line of sculptures and wonder who thought to do this there.

Someone wrote this on the steps going up to the street. I often call Maurice Frenchy.