After Lunch

After lunch which was on Rue du Bac we strolled down the street.

Here was a skirt made of folded newspaper in a rather upscale shop. I have no idea why.

We went into Deyrolle which is famous for its stuffed animals. Before they had zoos, stuffed animals were the way people saw wild animals. The animals here are said to be found dead, not killed. This photo is of the downstairs where they sell gardening objects and books and it’s called le Prince Jardiner.

They use these animals for photo shoots, movies and, I hear, big parties. Maybe I could rent one for my next party.

They have narrow drawers full of fossils, bugs and butterflies.

Even a giraffe!


Rue du Bac

Starting at the famous Department Store, Le Bon Marché, and heading up Rue du Bac you can find some great photo ops.

A lot to choose from if you are feeling a bit peckish.

I think I would buy glasses from this store just because of their sign if I lived in the neighborhood.

I liked this color on the wall of this shop. It was full of interesting objects, none of which I need.

Some gorgeous flowers for sale. It smelled so good there.