A Fun Experience

A friend and I were exploring the area around rue Montorgueil and she took me in to look at a restaurant, le Comptoir de la Gastronomie, which not only served food but also sold food items. They have ravioli stuffed with foie gras which draws a lot of people. It has a great interior as well.

One shot of the interior.

Another view.

This little place was right across the street. As we were exiting the restaurant, my friend saw a girl eating what looked like really good panna cotta and commented on it and then told them of another place that had even better. The couple, a father and daughter who turned out to be from Amsterdam, asked more questions and my friend had so much information-she’s a foodie-that they asked us to sit down and have a glass of wine so we did and had a really delightful conversation with them. They were so much fun that when they invited us to share a meal with them the next evening, we accepted. People who love food often make instant connections. I love food and trying new places but am no gourmet by any means but I’m game for new experiences.

We passed this interesting entrance as we walked to the bus stop with an Agnes B. shop behind.

On Rue Montorgueil

I love to walk down Rue Montorgueil in Paris. It’s very lively and full of restaurants and shops which are constantly changing. There’s always at least one new one each time I go, although old standards remain.

All of the streets in the area are paved like this.

One of the old places that still remains. I had lunch one time with a friend on the second floor and it was very good.

┬áStohrers has been around since 1730 when the baker came to France with Marie Antoinette. It’s always winning awards for its pastries. This year it won for their chocolate eclairs. They also sell meals to go.

Don’t these look incredible? Cherries made with almond paste for sale at Storers.

The eclairs don’t look too bad either. It’s very hard to find any with vanilla creme inside like the States. They usually have chocolate creme although these come in a variety of flavors.


This and That

On the way to take photos of a passage, I passed some interesting things, mostly to do with flowers.

I tried to get an interesting photo of the metro train passing overhead but this was what I got.

I was near Rue Montorgueil and one of the side streets looked like this. The paving stones in this area make everything look beautiful.

A restaurant with pretty flowers over the windows.

I’ve seen several walls of plants but they usually are all green. I liked the flowers in this one.

Around rue Montorgueil

A very popular street for wandering around, looking in windows, looking at food for sale is rue Montorgueil. It’s especially beautiful at Christmas as they do fabulous lights but it’s even okay on a cloudy, windy and rainy day.

This sculpture is found inside Saint Eustache church commemorating the time when the area of les Halles had a huge food market.
The church is near the start of rue Montorgueil and a lot of the history of Paris happened here.

The famous Storers is here. They have food to go, candy and really good pastries.

As you might guess, this restaurant is known for escargot.

Excuse the blur. It’s a photo of the onion soup a friend and I had at Pied du Cochon. A good way to warm up.

The lovely lights inside the restaurant.

A pleasant surprise at the end of our meal-made of meringue.

This and That

Some photos taken around the rue Montorgueil area-a great shopping and eating area.

The famous patisserie, Stohrer. It’s the oldest in Paris and probably the most elegant shop as well.

The gorgeous interior.

Inside a little Italian place.

Had a very good kebab here and some truly delicious potatoes.

The interesting lighting fixtures at an Italian deli.

Typical roof line in Paris. Those tin roofs make the interior very hot in the summer.

Say “Cheese”

There are many shops along rue Montorgueil, including a couple of fromageries.

Nothing like a lot of choices.

This place also offered little containers full of a variety of small pieces of cheese for an aperatif.

This Camembert would ooze all over the place if it wasn’t for the plastic wrap.

I liked the color of these bottles in the window of a restaurant. They are for a cocktail and it tastes rather bitter to me but it sure looks pretty. My daughter in law actually served me a cocktail made of Aperol when we visited Switzerland and I loved it. It was 1/3 Aperol and 2/3 Proseco (Italian champagne). Perfect.

Isn’t this inviting? I almost ate there but some Thai food was calling my name.