We made a day trip from Venice with a 30 minute train ride to Padua. It’s a beautiful city with miles of covered walkways and a very large and active university. We walked from the train station to our first stop the Scrovegni Chapel built by a son hoping to get his dead father-a money lender with high interest rates forebidden by the church-into heaven in 1303. It has damage from various things though the years and one of them is from the presence of too many people breathing in the closed space so you only have 15 minutes to look. It’s incredible.

A great barrel shape. It was painted by Giotto by the way. He was considered the artist to bring painting into the Renaissance.

One wall at the end of the room. Christ is in the middle surrounded by the rainbow light with the condeemed being sent to hell on the right and the righteous going to heaven on the left. Very dramatic. Giotto was a friend of Dante and this painting illustrates Dante’s Inferno very well.

Giotto’s version of the Last Supper.

Christ after he was taken down from the cross. Note the folds in the clothing-this was new as was the look of «real »people.

The side of a building there in the Art Deco style.