Mary, my friend, took us to the coast near Sonoma mostly that around Bodega. It was stunning.

You can’t see it in this photo but there were seals in the water mostly lying in the shallow water next to the big stone. There were also some whales. I couldn’t really see them until a nice local couple pointed them out. The whales were pretty far out but you could see the little water spouts if you were lucky. The couple even let me use their binoculars.

A bird on a pole with a pretty great background.

Bodega Bay.

Most of  the movie, The Birds was filmed in this area, with the church here being in some scenes.

The couple we talked to told us to eat lunch here. We had some very good clam chowder. It wasn’t fancy at all-as you can see, they sell bate there too.

As were heading back to Sonoma we went through the city of Sebastopol and Mary showed us some metal sculptures all over town made out of mostly  junk. There were a lot on one street where the artist lived which were really fun to look at. They were made by a husband and wife team.