On Rue Montorgueil

I love to walk down Rue Montorgueil in Paris. It’s very lively and full of restaurants and shops which are constantly changing. There’s always at least one new one each time I go, although old standards remain.

All of the streets in the area are paved like this.

One of the old places that still remains. I had lunch one time with a friend on the second floor and it was very good.

 Stohrers has been around since 1730 when the baker came to France with Marie Antoinette. It’s always winning awards for its pastries. This year it won for their chocolate eclairs. They also sell meals to go.

Don’t these look incredible? Cherries made with almond paste for sale at Storers.

The eclairs don’t look too bad either. It’s very hard to find any with vanilla creme inside like the States. They usually have chocolate creme although these come in a variety of flavors.


A Short Walk

A short walk from Palais Royal is the Passage Vivienne full of interesting and photogenic things to see.

Entering or leaving Palais Royal.

The Bistro Vivienne is a nice place to stop for a drink or something to eat. I liked looking out the window and at the red curtains and the newspapers with their handles ready to read.

A pretty window ready for the evening.

Shops are there selling stylish clothing.

Something for everyone.

It was a rainy day as you can see by this stylish young boy.

Rue du Bac

Starting at the famous Department Store, Le Bon Marché, and heading up Rue du Bac you can find some great photo ops.

A lot to choose from if you are feeling a bit peckish.

I think I would buy glasses from this store just because of their sign if I lived in the neighborhood.

I liked this color on the wall of this shop. It was full of interesting objects, none of which I need.

Some gorgeous flowers for sale. It smelled so good there.

Night Shots

I am seldom out at night, especially in the summer when it gets dark so late but the other day I met a friend for a drink late enough that the sun had set and the lights of places came on. The always look better to me when they are lit up.

Inside a restaurant with a nicely lit bar.

Look at these wonderful cheeses for sale.

A place to eat looking tempting.

A little store selling especially good looking fruits and vegetables.

Seen one evening not too far from our place as I walked with Maurice.

Since I Was There

I was in the neighborhood near the famous Galeries Lafayette and thought I should get a photo of the Christmas tree there under the dome. I made the mistake of going in the evening on a Saturday and the whole store and street were just packed with people, but I got my photos.

Because I was using my iPhone, I couldn’t get the whole tree into the frame so here is the top part up by the dome. As you can see, they did the tree upside down this year.

And here is the bottom part that I took from a few floors up.

Not far away I passed a Paul Boulangerie and took a photo of these cute little dough boys dipped in chocolate.

I’m always interested to see Bagel shops in Paris.

With free wifi for girls? Didn’t ask about that.

A shop typical in the area with very nice fruit and vegetables outside and groceries inside-usually pretty expensive.

I was passing a restaurant that had an open door showing a festive little Christmas tree. We aren’t putting up a tree this year as we will be out of town but I may put out a few candles.

Rue des Saints Peres

Right off of Rue Jacob is a street full of interesting places.

Inside this courtyard is a very nice cafe called Treize-a baker’s dozen. It’s owned by two Americans and has really great food and drinks.

Hard to resist old stairs.

This cafe is attached to a hotel with the same name.

The interior of the cafe- a little blurry because I didn’t use my flash.

The very nice lobby of the hotel.

A nearby florist-so Parisian.