Sand, Sea and Sun

Meanwhile, back at our beach place after our visit to England, we’ve had some magnificent skies. None of these photos has been retouched. The colors are real.

Interesting clouds and a great blue sky.

A forbidding sky one morning but it never rained. The tide is out so that is what is left behind when the water recedes.

The same dark sky with the sun behind me shining on some beach vegetation.

A nice sunset. Hot weather was on the way and I think it shows in the sky.

This cloud caught my eye. I liked the pink but especially the markings-it looks like a fish or a snake.

I don’t think I’ve seen the water sparkling like this before.

Another giant jelly fish left behind by the receding tide. It looks like an alien a bit.

Desert Beauty

Because I grew up in the southwest I don’t generally like the vegetation and desert but in the Spring, there is a lot of beauty to see and I appreciate it. Plus, the temperatures are in the 80’s while it is rainy and cold back in Paris.

The Polo Verde are very impressive in the Spring.

The palm trees against the morning sky are pleasing.

My son came for a quick visit while I was here and we went to a movie. They are making theatres very fancy now with reclining seats, reserved seats and you can take wine or beer in to the movie. Afterwards we went out to the terrace there at the movie theatre and had drinks. We saw the movie, Colassal, by the way, which was very strange while being interesting and good at the same time. We got the lasts seats and had to sit in the front row which made me dizzy a couple of times.

Back to Paris on Saturday.

This and That in Paris

It has been cold here in Paris since we returned and colder still the last two days which keeps me pretty much home bound but I have a few photos I’ve taken here and there.

A pretty morning sky in our neighborhood.

It’s rather rare to see statues in those niches on buildings. I spotted this one in the 8th arrondissement. I don’t know who it is.

I seldom eat croissants due to their high butter content but I liked looking at them in the boulangerie the other day.

I was in China Town in Paris-Belleville-to meet a friend for lunch and saw this photo in the window of a photographer. I took a photo because this bridge, and several others, have had the keys removed-the so called Love Locks-and are now replaced with clear glass so they look like they used to. I’m always reminded of my friend, Lisa, who started the movement to have them removed. I’m sure she knows.

From My Window

This morning I was rushing around, getting dressed, making the bed when I opened the curtains in our bedroom I noticed a pink light coming in the window. It has warmed up a bit here, thank goodness, and some rain has entered France which gives some clouds in the sky to catch the color of the sun as it comes up. It was such a pleasant surprise to lean out my window and see:

Some brilliantly lit clouds if I looked left and,

a rainbow if I looked right.

Excuse the blur, but I like this picture because it shows the reflection of pink light on the pavement.