Lap of Luxury

I was in a very nice, luxurious hotel the other day , the Saint James Hotel, and loved walking around taking photos.

img_2033 A sort of chandelier waterfall.

img_2038 Jungle theme here and there.

img_2052 Elegant staircase.

img_2024 I went into the bar with a friend and it was spectacular starting with this spiral staircase.

img_2027 The bar seen from up above via that staircase.


img_2040 I bet this room is lovely at night but it wasn’t bad in the daytime with fall outside the window.

img_2029 My only disappointment was my drink. This is not tea but a cocktail. I almost sent it back to tell the truth. I should have ordered a plain and simple cosmopolitan.

Inside Job

There is a red door on a little street on the Left Bank that has a special interior. A friend and I were sitting across the street a few years ago and saw a tour group enter and leave. When we asked the waiter about what was inside he gave us the code to get in. I’ve shown photos before of the circular  courtyard and how I wonder how the rooms are shaped that face the courtyard. My friend and I decided to enter as we passed and this time, a man was also entering and he let us into the courtyard which is usually blocked by a gate. We were there in the right place at the right time.

img_1594 Looking up from the courtyard.

img_1600 The gate that usually bars the way.

img_1595 As you can see, the angel has lost its wing being exposed to the weather.

img_1597 There wasn’t an elevator and the man who let up in climbed these stairs to the top, six floors.

img_1602 Nearby was this pretty oval window.