This and That

This and that seen in the Marais.

I’m very attracted to this small shop in the Marais selling a variety of food. I always stop in just to smell the fresh spices for sale.

It’s called Israel. It also sells these condiments. After I took this photo I was told no photos were allowed. I’m always puzzled by this. I would think they would like the free advertisement.

The elegant Place des Vosges.

There are often artists selling their art here, sometimes musicians and, as you might see at the end there, someone has set up a tent.

A water color in progress.

Three ladies on a bench checking their email. I’m guessing they were American.

Made in France

I went into a shop, Gab & Jo, that sold things only made in France, along with some antiques. The owner loved all things American-he even took a piece of my American Trident gum-but there he was selling French items.

A stuffed rooster, the symbol of France, was in the window.

This was cute.

I liked the sun from the window on this scale, an antique.

And this lamp made of a polaroid camera.

This napkin was in a window next door. I really liked it. I would have found out the price but it was closed for lunch.