After Lunch

After lunch which was on Rue du Bac we strolled down the street.

Here was a skirt made of folded newspaper in a rather upscale shop. I have no idea why.

We went into Deyrolle which is famous for its stuffed animals. Before they had zoos, stuffed animals were the way people saw wild animals. The animals here are said to be found dead, not killed. This photo is of the downstairs where they sell gardening objects and books and it’s called le Prince Jardiner.

They use these animals for photo shoots, movies and, I hear, big parties. Maybe I could rent one for my next party.

They have narrow drawers full of fossils, bugs and butterflies.

Even a giraffe!



The Jardin des Plants, or the city garden, in la Rochelle has the Natural History Museum on one side. I loved seeing animals up close like you can at these types of museums although I imagine the animal rights people would shut them down if they could. These animals were probably preserved years ago if that helps. There was a family in the museum and the children were just charmed by seeing lions and tigers and all sorts of other creatures. It really needed air conditioning though. Maurice and I were miserable and didn’t stay as long as we would have if it had been cooler.

On the way to the museum I found an unmarked courtyard that I had read about containing the symbol of the Templars who were once very powerful here in la Rochelle.

There were wonderful collections of sea shells which I love seeing. I used to collect them myself. There were also a lot of fossils.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy
A room full of various deer and the like.

I liked this arrangement with the fox and its prey.

The lion looked a little moth eaten.

Some skeletons here and there. No whales though.

This giraffe was at the top of some stairs. It turned out to be Zarafa, a gift from the ruler of Egypt to Charles X of France. There was an incredible amount of work to get her to Paris as there had to be a specially built boat to get her down the Nile-there was a place for her head to stick out-and then up the Seine but she survived. She lived in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris for 18 years and started a giraffe craze of high hats and hairdos. I’m surprised she ended up in Nantes and not the nice Museum of Natural History in Paris.