At Night

As I said before, we seldom go out at night. Part of it is laziness and part is leaving the comfort of your home , having to dress up and venture out into the cold. We did it twice in one week. Once for a Valentine’s day dinner and once to see a play.

The theatre was in the Saint Denis area where you can find an Arch, smaller than the famous one on Champs Elysees.

We had drinks in this nice bar before the play started.

I liked this building and its lighting.

The interior of the theatre. We saw a play called l’Ete de 44, about WWII in France based on a true story. The setting was especially well done and there was also translation in English up above the stage which really helped me when they were singing. We enjoyed it a lot.

Wandering home we passed the Costes Hotel which now has a shop selling their famous fragrances and this shop selling roses. Actually, we did this on our other night out come to think of it.